Healthcare on Blockchain
Global blockchain solution for coordination, administration and payments of healthcare
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What is Solve.Care

Solve.Care platform is designed to simplify access to care, reduce administrative steps and burden, simplify and speed up payments to healthcare providers globally using Blockchain technology.


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healthcare IT





Solve.Care makes healthcare
affordable and easy for everyone
Solve.Care platform utilizes blockchain technology to reduce the enormous global clinical and IT system costs associated with our current healthcare system. This revolutionary platform, along with its vast components, is available to all parties involved and creates far-reaching and timeless benefits.
  • Make instant appointments with a doctor
  • Understand your insurance
  • 24/7 access to your healthcare benefits
  • Review and pay bills
Doctors & Hospitals
  • Handle appointments
  • Issue prescriptions
  • Coordinate with specialists
  • Access to accurate records
  • Administer benefits
  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Reward employees
  • Offer affordable benefit packages
Administrators & Insurers
  • Connect all stakeholders
  • Personalize care treatment
  • Accurate and timely payments
  • Reduce cost of centralized systems
Care.Wallet in action
Solve.Care platform can improve health outcomes through effective care coordination while empowering the consumer to effectively manage their healthcare decisions.
Solve.Care platform replaces duplicative systems and automates complex processes to reduce billions of dollars in annual costs. It represents an innovative new approach to fight fraud, waste and abuse and brings transparency and accountability to healthcare administration.
In the video, you can see the functionalities of our platform. These are just some of the capabilities provided which will also depend on the demand of our customers.
Solve.Care solution changes the way healthcare works for everyone
Cards allow exchange of consent for treatment, records, billing, payment, emergency, compliance and many more scenarios requiring consent. Consent cards don’t need centralized storage and can be made public or kept private between the pair and selectively shared with other stakeholders in the ecosystem by the consent provider
Cards bring ease of usage to a citizen trying to find a physician based on proximity, language, gender and availability and automate schedule changes, switching to alternative care provider and more
Cards organize treatment information, diagnosis, emergency procedures and can link to lifestyle cards to manage diet, exercise, sleep, stress etc. Public side of treatment card stores information that is needed by other stakeholders and private side contains treatment data that is shared only between the pair entities
Cards are used for sharing and managing order, refill, dosage, drug interactions, formulations and much more. Prescription cards can synchronize with treatment, insurance and other cards
Cards are used for managing laboratory results, comparison with other cards, trend analysis and coordination of care between patient, doctor, specialist and other stakeholders
Cards are powerful agents of synchronization of care and link to other cards such as authorization, records and scheduling
Cards are organized into deck of cards by type, episode, provider, and timeframe and provide access control and history of all prior access. Record cards are powerful way for a consumer to access and manage records that are spread across multiple Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Record
Cards are designed to automate and organize billing and payment information between doctor-patient pair and automatically synchronize with insurer-patient and insurer-doctor pairs
Cards help card holder decide on what to pay, whom to pay and ensure that proof of service and proof of verification has been logged prior to payment. Payment cards are powerful tool of control and transparency in the entire billing and payment process of healthcare and benefit administration
Coverage and deductible
Medical necessity
Credentials and directory
Activation and issuance
Premium collection
Coverage and deductible
Provider directory
Changes and life events
Case management
Benefit enrollment
Cost sharing
Payroll withholding
Life events and changes
Premium and other payments
Notification and communication
Case management
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Pradeep Goel

Pradeep Goel

CEO of the company

Pradeep Goel spent more than 26 years in healthcare IT. During this time Pradeep Goel has built 4 healthcare IT companies and has been at the top of INC500 fastest growing companies lists multiple times. Pradeep is also on the 100 most promising entrepreneurs worldwide complied by Goldman Sachs CEO. In 2011 appointed by Governor of North Dakota to HITAC council to help direct state-wide health records initiatives for insurers and consumers. From 2012 to 2017 Pradeep has been working with healthcare initiatives of two US Presidents to design and build several public program solutions including Medicaid, Medicare, social services, children’s health, mental health and many other programs.

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Vadym Vorobiov

Vadym Vorobiov

Chief Technology Officer

Vadym’s entire career in software development has been related to product design, development and adoption. Vadym spent more than a decade in the Health and Human Services sector building and deploying enterprise systems for government and commercial organizations. Since 2004, Vadym’s primary focus has been to deliver products and solutions which bring value to clients and citizens. Having been involved in several projects with potential for broad impact on large groups of populations, he has learned to combine technology, innovation and proven development methodologies with awareness of how technology can and should impact lives. Vadym is applying his disciplined approach to product management and sustainable solution design to manage the Solve.Care solution roadmap. He is also the champion of the Care.Community approach to drive innovation and adoption of our platform around the globe.

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Dr. David Randall, Ph.D.

Dr. David Randall, Ph.D.

Senior Policy Advisor

Dr. Randall received his Ph.D. in Political Science (Policy Analysis and Administration) from Kent State University. He currently serves as Executive Director and is Resident Scholar with the American Research and Policy Institute ( in Washington, DC. Dr. Randall has extensive experience as a former top insurance regulator, legislative staff member, health care lobbyist, consultant and executive with not only insurance companies, but also with several provider trade groups in Washington. He has testified before both U.S. House and Senate committees of Congress on a variety of health policy issues. He also has over two dozen peer-reviewed and professional publications as well as book chapters on health information technology, health care entitlements and the policy process surrounding health care reform.

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Ed Odjaghian

Ed Odjaghian

Head of Client Solution Delivery

Ed Odjaghian, a senior IT executive with decades of experience in healthcare solution delivery. Mr. Odjaghian has 30+ years of experience in various roles including healthcare solution delivery to clients. Mr. Odjaghian has spent decades managing operations of various IT companies, including software development, client services and support operations, building and leading offshore development centers and delivering enterprise level integrated solutions to government and commercial clients.

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Karen-Marie Kragelund

Karen-Marie Kragelund

Operations manager

Karen-Marie is an agile and versatile leader with extensive experience in cross-cultural and cross-functional change management on organizational and business partner levels.

She specializes in cross-border management with a focus on driving continuous improvement, bridging gaps via transparent communication and developing a culture of accountability across functions and organizational levels.

She has a proven track record of successful deliveries and management of key stakeholder interests in high-pressure environments.
Karen-Marie originally hails from Denmark.

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Mariya Ozadovskaya

Mariya Ozadovskaya

Head of Marketing and Strategy

Mariya Ozadovskaya is the Manager of Marketing and Strategy at Solve.Care Foundation. Maria has more than 6 years of experience in corporate communications, brand management, partner management, public relations and PR consulting. In the past, Maria served as the brand and PR manager in Ukraine for the AXA Group, an international insurance and asset management group.

Maria has deep experience in managing advertising campaigns, managing crisis communications, public relations for executives, demonstrating corporate social responsibility and handling complex press conferences and media events.

At Solve.Care, Maria’s primary focus is to increase brand recognition, build a global community of supporters, key stakeholder communications and help business achieve its goals. Maria has oversight over the corporate Web site, managing video content and distribution, all aspects of social media marketing, and generating thought leadership content. Maria works tirelessly to establish executives as experts in the healthcare industry, and to create global awareness for the Solve.Care. Maria also is responsible for events, conferences, and specialized business forums.

Maria is part of the Solve.Care executive team and reports to the CEO of Solve.Care Foundation

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Artem Grygoryev

Artem Grygoryev

Web Development Team Lead
Anton Vetrov

Anton Vetrov

DevOps Team Lead
Irina Iakhno

Irina Iakhno

Manager of Marketing
Andriy Osemchuk

Andriy Osemchuk

Lead Business Analyst
Julia Rokun

Julia Rokun

Business Development Manager
Ali Rizwan

Ali Rizwan

Product Manager
Andriy Vorobyov

Andriy Vorobyov

Solution Delivery Project Manager
Solve.Care Team
Solve.Care team consists of 50+ professionals including business analysts, Blockchain developers, project managers, healthcare domain experts, crypto consultants and administrative staff. In early 2017, Solve.Care acquired Ukrsoft based in Kiev Ukraine. We now operate out of our three locations in Tallinn, Kiev and Fort Lauderdale.
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