Decentralized coordination and administration of healthcare
Connects and synchronizes stakeholders to deliver better results, lower costs and empowered user experience for all
Personal healthcare wallet that is connected with other wallets on your network. It coordinates all your healthcare needs and puts you in control of your information and actions
Intelligent token designed to optimize long lifecycle of healthcare payments. It brings accountability to billing, and facilitates audit, reconciliation, adjustment and recovery of multi-stage payments
Smart applications in your wallet, that can be linked, stacked and grouped with other cards to create a network of smart applications that talk to each other
Appstore for platform extensions including cards, protocol pairs and endpoint. It is the place where community connects with clients worldwide and publishes innovations and services
Designed for continuous synchronization of all stakeholders without the need for complex integration. Care.Protocol is built using Blockchain technology and event based architecture
What Can Solve.Care Do for You?
"Solve.Care platform can improve health outcomes through effective care coordination while empowering the consumer to effectively manage their healthcare decisions.
Solve.Care platform replaces duplicative systems and automates complex processes to reduce billions of dollars in annual costs. It representsan innovative new approach to fight fraud, waste and abuse and brings transparency and accountability to healthcare administration."
Pradeep Goel
CEO of Solve.Care Foundation

Design Your Own Care Administration Networks

Insurance companies, government agencies, hospitals, provider networks, employers and benefit administrators can create own care administration networks
Insurance companies

Insurance companies
connect millions of insured families with network of providers, labs and pharmacies for effective coordination at lower costs

Government agencies

Government agencies
manage healthcare needs of specific segments of their population


configure benefit plans, implement wellness programs and offer incentives to drive right behavior

Сare providers

Сare providers
hospitals and integrated delivery networks reduce administrative costs and implement quality and efficiency measures and incentives

What happens if you get sick?

Today all tasks are done by a combination of centralized systems, call centers a lot of manual effort. This process cost billions of dollars a year and leaves everyone frustrated and unhappy.
This is completely unnecessary.

Solve.Care Platform coordinates all stakeholders

  • Individuals

    Access all their information, control healthcare decisions and actions, find the right doctor, schedule an appointment, manage clinical records, access pharmacy discounts, access best care practices, handle bills, and much more.

  • Doctors and providers

    Reduce administrative burden, reduce liability and risk, publish schedules, verify coverages and deductibles, access records, handle consents, issue prescriptions and coordinate with specialists, labs and therapists.

  • Employers

    Offer betters benefit packages at affordable costs, build their own care administration networks to rewards employees, implement cost sharing models to encourage the right behavior, and administer benefits at a lower cost.

  • Administrators and brokers

    Automate and eliminate repetitive tasks, build and operate their own care networks for employers and employees, integrate cutting edge benefits, personalize information and reduce cost of call centers, processes and centralized systems.

  • Insurers

    Connect all stakeholders into care administration networks, personalize preventative care and chronic disease treatment, automate and simplify case management, improve satisfaction from accurate and timely payments.

  • Government agencies

    Gain control over administrative and IT costs, keep pace with changing policy, and focus on their core task of serving the needs of the population instead being forced in to the business of managing IT vendors and systems.

  • Developers

    Package their knowledge and expertise into care cards and make them as relevant to a diabetic patient in India as in Indiana. The possibilities for innovation, revenue generation and positive social impact are limitless.

  • Society and economy

    Create a healthcare delivery and administration model that serves society, not the other way around. There are better ways to use hundreds of billions of dollars each year that are lost to duplication, inefficiency and fraud.

Solve.Care redefines care, cost and convenience

  • Care
  • Cost
  • Convenience
  • Risk reduction
  • Flexibility

Innovative care coordination Solve.Care platform handles the legwork of care coordination, so patient can focus on getting well and staying well. Care.Protocol, Care.Wallet, Care.Cards and Care.Coins work together to simplify and automate care delivery and administrative processes. Clients can also create own care administration networks that connect and synchronize all their stakeholders for an incredible level of care coordination.

Significant cost reduction Solve.Care platform replaces duplicative Systems and data silos with a decentralized system and immutable ledgers, that are accessible to all stakeholders. Centralized logic is replaced with smart contracts that can be evaluated by a distributed network oaf processing nodes. Solve.Care platform can enforce relationship contracts to reduce inefficiencies, fraud and waste.

Unprecendented ease of usage Solve.Care platform brings ease of usage to healthcare and benefit administration and puts the consumer back in charge of their information and decisions. Consumers can access specialized and intelligent care cards to handle all healthcare needs. They can use care wallet and care cards to check eligibility and deductibles, schedule appointments, sign consents, share symptoms with the doctor, fill prescriptions, check for drug interactions, access available discounts and coordinate doctor, lab and pharmacy. And the consumer can do this without learning an alien language or getting a PhD in healthcare.

Fraction of centralized system costs Solve. Care platform offers a pay-as-you-go approach to healthcare administration. Clients don’t need to own and operate data centers and manage complex and risky IT projects. The decentralized system architecture and distributed processing network eliminates the cost and risk of building and operating IT systems.

Adaptable to all healthcare delivery model Solve. Care platform can be adapted to serve needs of the stakeholders in different models of delivery and administration of healthcare. Whether it is fee-for- service or managed care or self-paid or cost-sharing or fully subsidized model of healthcare, the platform is designed to deliver care, cost and convenience for all.

New approach to public program administration is needed

Research by economists shows that between 15-22% of the annual cost of Medicaid is lost to over utilization, over billing, waste, inefficiencies and outright fraud.

“A public program such as the U.S. Medicaid costs $553 Billion annually with more than $100 Billion lost to inefficiency, over utilization and fraud, and $25 Billion is spent on information technology and program administration
The decentralized and programmable nature of Blockchain applications can reduce healthcare information technology costs and deliver much needed efficiency and accountability to public and private health care systems.”
David Randall, PHD
Senior policy advisor for Solve.Care Foundation
We will eliminate billions in healthcare costs
Fraud, Waste and Abuse Administrative Overhead Care Utilization
The U.S. Spent $3,205.6 Billion
on Health Care in 2015
Solve.Care can save billions annually

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