Blockchain Innovation Conference is the new stop for Solve.Care to spread the word about blockchain disruption in healthcare industry

(US, Delaware – Jun.6) — On June 7, CEO Pradeep Goel will participate at the Amsterdam event and will discuss Solve.Care business development update with the conference director and host Vincent Everts.

Blockchain Innovation Conference brings together over 400 national and international pioneers from start-ups, the corporate world and government, to discuss the radical changes Blockchain technology is bringing to all activities that rely on trusted third parties. The event goes from proof of concept to real world solutions and its program includes the best blockchain cases in Government, Supply Chain, Fintech, Energy, Business, Identity, and more.

At 11.30 am, Mr. Goel and Mr. Everts will talk about the incredible success of Solve.Care token sale and the progress the company has made in a month after the end of the sale. Solve.Care is going strong with tremendous business development and partnership activities. The company has developed an immense pipeline of the potential clients.

“Solve.Care business development bandwidth is expanding by the virtue of partnerships that allow us to target clients in different healthcare sectors. Our pipeline spans four continents and is growing rapidly,” said Mr.Goel.


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