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🔍 The Solve.Detectives Bug Bounty Program for Care.Trials Network!

In conjunction with the Care.Trials Network launch, we are excited to introduce the Solve.Detectives Bug Bounty Program, a unique opportunity for you to actively contribute to the security and reliability of the platform while earning rewards in SOLVE tokens. There is a total reward pool of 10,000 SOLVE!

How to Participate?

Participation is simple! When you find a bug, use the provided form ( to report it along with relevant proofs and a brief description. Don’t forget to include your Care.Wallet address for reward distribution.

How can I ensure that the bug I found is unique?

Before reporting a bug you can go to the Excel sheet ( where you can find a list of all the bugs reported so far, and ensure that it hasn’t been reported yet.

How Does It Work?

As a Care.Trials Network participant, you become a bug detective with the chance to earn rewards by reporting any discovered bugs. The rewards will be distributed in SOLVE tokens, directly to your Care.Wallet.

Based on bug complexity you’ll get 1, 5 or 10 points. There is no limit to the bugs you can report per day.

The reward pool will be divided between all participants based on the following formula:

Reward pool / Total points accumulated = Reward per point.

User reward = User’s points * prize per point.

Bug Categories:

Our team will go through each bug and proof uploaded in the form and decide to which category each bug belongs!

  1. Simple Bugs (1 point): Minor issues that do not disrupt core functionality but may affect the look and feel or user experience, such as design adaptivity or typos.
  2. Medium Bugs (5 points): Bugs that create difficulties in the process of joining or inviting others to the network, particularly within the referral program. This includes issues related to generating and sharing referral codes and tracking their usage.
  3. Crucial Bugs (10 points): Critical bugs that obstruct the user journey, preventing participants from completing essential actions within the network.

🗓 Duration:

The bug bounty program will run for 3 days from today till 7th August at 12:00 AM UTC, giving you ample time to test and earn rewards.

Join us in creating a secure and efficient platform that prioritizes participant-centricity, transparency, and groundbreaking discoveries.

🚀 Be a Solve.Detective now and help shape the future of medical research! Download Care.Wallet to get started:

Care.Trials Network is currently available on the iOS version of Care.Wallet only.

Your Solve.Care Team.

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