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7 Tips to Give Healthcare Providers a Better Work/Life Balance with Telehealth

The adoption of telehealth by healthcare providers has been growing since the start of the pandemic. Telehealth can change your practice in many beneficial ways and increase its efficiency. But a great aspect of practicing telehealth is the effect it has on your personal well-being as a physician.

Being a healthcare provider is a rewarding career but there is no doubt that it is hard work. Many physicians struggle with keeping up their work/life balance due to their schedules and need to put patients first. This can lead to stress, depression, and eventual burn-out for healthcare providers. Telehealth can be a great help towards achieving a work/life balance to stay passionate in your practice.

1. Making Your own Schedule

Telehealth allows for your practice to have consultations at your convenience. Physicians can schedule their appointments when they want and where they want. Take advantage of the autonomy that telehealth provides for physicians.

2. Less Time on Administrative Paperwork

In traditional practices, physicians spend an astounding amount of time on administrative paperwork. A comprehensive telehealth solution can effectively eliminate this problem altogether by automating the administrative paperwork process. This allows physicians more time to see patients and other productive activities.

3. Control Where you Work

Telehealth is not just for working from home. You can take advantage of a remote practice to enjoy some much needed vacation time and de-stress while still being available to your practice. Leaving your patients for a time can be a worrying experience which telehealth can help you to deal with. You can go take some well-deserved time off and still have access to your patients which may require continuity of care. Your practice can continue to operate and generate income even on your vacation.

4. Spend Your Time with Loved Ones

One of the greatest stressors for physicians with families is not having the time to spend with them. Telehealth provides the flexibility for physicians to care for their loved ones and maintain their practice. Many doctors may find that their family schedules don’t line up with their work schedules, but with telehealth your teleconsultations can work around your family time.

5. Get some Exercise

Many doctors often don’t have the time in their day to properly care for their physical fitness. The flexibility of telehealth gives you the time you need to get some exercise. Exercise not only helps you keep physically fit to continue your practice but can help reduce stress to keep you mentally healthy as well.

6. No More Commuting

How much time of your day is taken up just for commuting to your practice every day? Especially for physicians working outside of big cities, commutes can sometimes take hours. That extra time provided by telehealth eliminating commute can be used productively, for personal activities or for seeing more patients.

7. More Income in Less Time

Telehealth can eliminate many inconvenient aspects of a traditional practice. As mentioned in the previous tip, there is less administrative paperwork, but that is not all. You can eliminate waiting rooms and the time it takes to finally see your patients. With telehealth you can see patients more efficiently and potentially see more patients in a day. This means you can generate more income in the same amount of time compared to in-person visits.

A good telehealth solution ensures ease of use and security for both the physician and the patient.  Global Telehealth Exchange (GTHE) is a HIPAA compliant solution that will revolutionize your medical practice. Through the GTHE solution you can improve the flexibility and efficiency of your practice to suit your needs and well-being as a physician. There’s no required time commitment using GTHE, your schedule is all up to you. You decide when you work, where you work, and your own rates. GTHE offers unprecedented security, instant payments, no paperwork, and access to patients globally to help you conduct your practice safely in a way that suits you.

GTHE expands your medical practice globally and allows healthcare providers to treat patients with quality care while taking care of their own well-being without the need for expensive software.

Sign up today and take the next step in improving your work/life balance!

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