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A Look at the GTHE Distributorship Program

Solve.Care works hand in hand with distributors to make Global Telehealth Exchange (GTHE) a success. As such, we have created the GTHE Distributorship Program for easier access to local markets while providing mutual assistance in creating awareness of and providing support for GTHE.

We know that there are many passionate organizations around the world that want to be a part of improving access to healthcare and GTHE at a more involved level. This is where our Distributorship Program comes into play, to provide that opportunity. A distributor can be a healthcare company/organization, clinical corporations with a vast network of healthcare provider contacts, or clinical corporations that either has pre-existing telemedicine services or are looking to implement such services. Solve.Care’s mission is to make quality healthcare more accessible and affordable for everyone, no matter where they are in the world. The key is that our distributors are goal driven about spreading Global Telehealth Exchange and improving accessibility to healthcare worldwide. Our negotiations with potential distributors span many countries and territories worldwide, including in India, the Arabian Gulf region, Turkey, Nigeria, and interest from many more to help provide our users and providers on GTHE the support they need.

Goals of the GTHE Distributorship Program

What Distributors Do for GTHE?

Distributors play a very important part in the growth of GTHE. As part of the GTHE ecosystem, there are obligations which distributors must provide. Firstly, in order to promote a product, you should really know a product. As such, it is only natural that distributors should use GTHE internally for their team members and their affiliates.

Distributors serve as a reference point for Solve.Care in its business development activities globally. We place a lot of trust in our distributors to apply their best efforts in promoting GTHE within the area of their coverage to promote participation and adoption. Distributers will help us with the knowledge of their local market, helping to launch GTHE faster and more efficiently.

In some cases, distributors may be responsible for more functions than you think. For some select distributors, it is their duty to manage local enrolment processes through assisting in performing appropriate and proper verification of network participants in their territory as required by applicable laws and regulations. They can also take initiative in helping us to craft country-specific solutions to problems unique to their local market.

What Solve.Care Provides for GTHE and Distributors?

Global Telehealth Exchange is a solution created by Solve.Care, and as such we will support distributors in the implementation, hosting, and administration for GTHE. It is a Solve.Care prerogative to ensure that GTHE availability is running 24/7 or per reasonable standards when maintenance is required.

Solve.Care provides many forms of support to help distributors succeed in their territories. One of the areas in which we assist distributors is helping them increase GTHE adoption in their respective territory coverage. We will collaborate with distributors and data driven marketing tools as part of the efforts toward marketing GTHE. Where needed, Solve.Care will be there to support distributors in marketing and communications for promoting GTHE, to a reasonable extent, but they are required to engage in the active marketing of GTHE.

In Conclusion

Global Telehealth Exchange is breaking new ground in the uncharted territories of bringing about healthcare without barriers to the world. The success of GTHE depends on the close working relationship between Solve.Care and our distributers. We welcome and thank our distributors who have decided to take this journey together with us. We are also working hard to expand our global network of strong distributors who share our passion and vision. Hand in hand, we will work together to build a future of better healthcare for all.

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