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AliveCor Clue Explanations: Part 1

We hope you had a blast during the partnership reveal contest! It feels great to see our community grow so much during this competition and have so many new faces get introduced to Solve.Care. Now, we didn’t want you guys to get it right away, because where’s the fun in that (although some discerning minds got it as early as day 3!), so our clues started out vague to keep you on your toes and got more specific as the days went by. Some of you guys were asking for an explanation for the clues, so here is part 1!

Day 1 Clue: Adrenaline Pumping News!

Our first clue was a pretty straightforward one. When we first heard the news, and even more so when our partnership with AliveCor was solidified, our hearts were just racing. The first medical device integration, something that we have spoken about many times in the past, was finally here. Nothing makes your heart go aflutter like the adrenaline rush of excitement, so we couldn’t wait to tell you guys how we were feeling inside with our first clue!

In addition to this, what happens when you get an adrenaline rush? You heart obviously beats faster. So basically, it was to tell you that this was an exciting partnership, and it had something to do with the heart!

Day 2 Clue: Exciting! Celebration! Groundbreaking!

Exciting! Celebration! Groundbreaking!… E.C.G. or rather, Electrocardiograms. So here, we got a little bit more specific. ECGs are AliveCor’s bread and butter. With over 1 million devices sold, across 37 countries, and having recorded more than 80 million ECGs to date, AliveCor’s KardiaMobile devices are among the best in the world!

Day 3 Clue: A partnership that will protect you from Enrique, Olivia Newton John & Demi Lovato

This one was a fun one, and pretty easy, just google! What do you get when you google all three artists in the same search bar? HEART ATTACK!

KadiaMobile devices record ECGs from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you are) that can help you detect heart attacks and possibly dangerous arrythmias and are a great way to protect yourself, as many of you know sometimes heart attacks are silent killers.

And, just in case you want some great songs to listen to, check them out: Enrique Iglesias – Heart Attack, Olivia Newton-John – Heart Attack, Demi Lovato – Heart Attack

That’s all for part 1 of the clues, keep a look out for part 2 tomorrow, and remember, the five winners of the $20 Amazon gift cards will be announced on Friday, October 29th!

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