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Behind the Scenes: A Team Working Hand in Hand With Healthcare Providers

Managing Relations With Physicians

Creating high-quality healthcare solutions can only be done when there are strong input and collaboration with healthcare providers. One of the most integral parts to Solve.Care’s success is the Physician Relations team. They are a key point of contact with physicians, healthcare professionals, and ambassadors working closely with Solve.Care and Global Telehealth Exchange (GTHE). At this point in time, the team is working with a truly international group of physicians spread out across 28 countries.

Physician Relations Activities

The team has designed and successfully put in place the GTHE Ambassador Program and our ambassadors are just as much a part of the team. The program does not only promote Solve.Care solutions, but more importantly, it promotes our mission of making high-quality affordable healthcare accessible worldwide. The GTHE Ambassador Program recruits carefully chosen physicians and healthcare professionals to spread the word about the benefits to healthcare that Solve.Care and GTHE are looking to create. It is important for physicians to hear from other physicians that our solutions are viable. Ambassadors are also involved in creating a road map of GTHE and help to shape it from the feedback they receive through physicians worldwide.

The Physicians Relations team is doing amazing work in community engagement with physicians. As part of the physician engagement activities, Solve.Care has hosted two separate roundtables with healthcare providers. The roundtables on “Will Telemedicine be the ‘New Normal’ Post COVID-19?” and “Getting Started in Telemedicine Amidst a Pandemic” attracted more than 1000 registrations collectively worldwide.

Through the efforts of the Physician Relations team, Solve.Care has joined the very much respected International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (ISfTeH). The ISfTeH is a non-governmental and non-profit society with close ties to WHO and ITU. Solve.Care’s membership in ISfTeH will provide a strong network in reaching out to more healthcare providers in 103 countries. The team is also responsible for the creation of marketing collaterals for distribution to the physician community to help publicize benefits of GTHE.

A New Addition to the Physician Relations Team

Solve.Care’s Physicians Relations Team has been bolstered by the addition of Ahmed Abdulrehman to the team. Ahmed has a Masters in Oral Biology and experience working side by side with various healthcare professionals, including orthopedic, plastic, vascular, thoracic, oral maxillofacial, and OBGYN surgeons, dentists, primary care physicians, pharmacists and other para-health professionals. As a part of the Physician Relations team, Ahmed’s knowledge of the healthcare industry and its practitioners ensures an engaged, vibrant, and strong growth in Solve.Care’s Physician Community.

“I am excited to be a part of a team of dedicated and experienced individuals who are optimizing the practitioner as well as patient experience in their healthcare journeys. Solve Care’s unique approach to bridging the gap of interoperability in medicine is an outstanding and revolutionary step in the delivery of healthcare.”

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