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Better Lives with Care.Wallet: Pollen Allergy in the United States

September and the start of autumn is near. While this time of year offers picturesque views of flora, the very same flora can cause allergies. Pollen allergies, especially from ragweed pollen, is particularly bad during autumn, affecting 10 to 20% of Americans.

Ragweed pollen induces allergies on the eyes (seasonal allergic conjunctivitis) and in the nose (allergic rhinitis), both with serious negative impact to one’s quality of life. Those affected will have sleepless nights and are unable to work the same number of hours, resulting in less pay. Allergies cannot be cured, but they can be managed with prevention and treatment.

The Care.Wallet will be able to provide more efficient management of allergies. A whole program for monitoring the condition of the patient through HAYFT (How Are You Feeling Today) and other Care.Cards, together with programmable medical responses like prescribing antihistamines, nasal sprays/eye drops, recommending other specialists, if needed, will be able to bring in timely relief based on the patient’s real-time condition. With Care.Circles one will be able to involve family and friends to help look after the patient and assist in following the physician’s medical care and guidance. With Care.Wallet, you will be able to remind your friend not to forget their inhaler, send a notification to your spouse reminding them to take their vitamins, or just check in on how your mother is feeling on any particular day.

With Solve.Care, autumn can be a season of beauty, health and appreciation, again.

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