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Shared Decision Making by Solve.Care, a Blockchain Health Care Company

By Evan L. Lipkis MD

According to the CEO, Pradeep Goel, “It is the physicians who are on the front line and are most aware of the pressing needs of healthcare and where the gaps currently lie. We are launching Care.Labs to empower the global community of physicians to use their expertise and knowledge to redefine healthcare for the benefit of their patients and their families. We are reaching out to those who do not accept the status quo of the current healthcare system.”

I whole-heartedly agree with his statement. As it is, physicians currently don’t have the ability or tools to set up any sort of network to tackle their immediate needs or those of their patients in a short amount of time for relatively low costs. But now, that is changing with Care,Labs, so when the opportunity came, I couldn’t wait to try it out. So, now I am working with Solve.Care’s developers on building shared decision network for patient comprehensive care. We are paving new ground building this Care Network.

So, let’s talk a bit about shared decision networks. Let’s say that I see a 35-year-old overweight female named Sheila with prediabetes and high blood pressure. Upon exam she is 5’7”, weighs 200 pounds and the pressure is elevated at 145/95. I initiate a small Care Network with a nearby lab and find that her bad cholesterol, or LDL, is elevated at 160 and her kidney tests are mildly up. Her fasting sugar and A1C are compatible with borderline diabetes. In addition, her best friend has COVID-19. She spent an hour with her friend yesterday, but my patient has no symptoms.

As an internist, I could attempt to address all these issues myself and make recommendations. Of course this is one option, or I could place an order for our care team to set up a comprehensive Care Network that is called shared decision making. Let’s call it SDM for short.

The patient and I decide to form an SDM network consisting of the following: Myself, a kidney doctor, an obesity specialist, and a dietician. But let’s go even further than just setting up appointments with this expert worldwide care team.

I also want the lab to measure kidney function and diabetic parameters every 3 months, and I need weekly blood pressure measurements by the patient at home. Additionally, I want her to receive concise medical information on diabetes, hypertension, weight loss, and Covid 19 through a medical information network.

So, through this SMD Care Network, appointments are set up with all team members. The lab sends her periodic blood test reminders. She gets automatic reminders to take her blood pressure weekly. Finally, she receives concise but practical information on a few relevant topics of her choosing.

Without getting into the weeds, this SDM is all managed via the Solve team through the Care.Protocol. The information is also protected and kept private.

But where does the patient get this information? After I talk to the patient, the SDM is managed efficiently and automatically in the back-end by Solve.Care’s Care.Protocol. And all the reminders and information appear in the patient’s Care.Wallet.

Other healthcare teams, lab reminders and informational data can be initiated by the doctor in concert with their patient as needed. The patient really matters!

Our present medical system does not have such Care Networks in place because each healthcare computer system is different, isolated, and limited. With Care.Labs, the sky is the limit and “the world” is at the physician’s fingertips.

Solve.Care is changing medicine because they are ensuring that doctors are concentrating on patient care and not administrative duties which takes up 30% of their time currently. An SDM is but one example that healthcare providers in this blockchain company can offer their patients.

But Care.Labs is not limited to just a few kinds of Care Networks. An SDM is but one Care Network, however, doctors and developers are currently building out multiple Care Networks to bring patient care to a whole new exciting level. This level of infrastructure provided will saves costs and can only improve patient outcomes.

Before finding out about Solve.Care and their mission, I experienced several restrictions and bothersome interventions by administrators. Even the approval for a CAT scan could take 30 minutes of office time. So I truly understand the need for a change in relationship management that is needed for better healthcare.

Currently I have never seen such innovation that is so doctor and patient centric in medicine. Solve.Care has firmly “stepped up to the plate” in the world of healthcare and empowered the physician to help his or her patient receive superb care through individualized Care Networks built with Care.Labs. And I am excited to be part of this amazing journey!

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