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The Solve.Care 2020 Round-Up

We wish you a truly blessed and healthy happy New Year. 2020 has been an incredible year of innovation and progress for Solve.Care. The COVID-19 pandemic has shined a light on the need for better healthcare solutions. We want to update you on all of Solve.Care’s activities throughout the year 2020.


Solve.Care is proud to be honored again as a top blockchain company this year. The recognition Solve.Care continues to receive further encourages us to deliver quality healthcare products that will improve the standard of care for millions.

Solve.Care is the Winner of The Enterprise Blockchain Awards in the category of “Enterprise Blockchain Transformation: Industry Solution

Solve.Care has been announced as the Industry Solution of the Year at the recently concluded 2020 Enterprise Blockchain Awards, competing with industry giants such as IBM. The ceremony was supported by the Blockchain Research Institute, a global think-tank that focuses on the strategic implications of blockchain technology in areas such as business, government, and society.

Solve.Care has been recognized as “Technology of the Year” in the SSOW Impact Awards 2020

SSON’s Shared Services & Outsourcing Impact Awards is a globally recognized, annual industry awards ceremony, which honors and celebrates SSC and service delivery teams who have exceeded industry standards in their SS&O initiatives.

Solve.Care is a Finalist of the HTN Awards 2020

The HTN Awards 2020, sponsored by CCube Solutions, celebrate great technology, partnerships, teams and innovations making a difference across health and care.

Solve.Care is a Finalist for “Innovative Entrepreneurship in Blockchain” at the Enterprise Blockchain Awards

On July 7th this year, the blockchain community honored the 2020 finalists and winners of the Enterprise Blockchain Awards (EBAs). Now in its second year, the EB Awards recognizes the stewardship of blockchain technology.

Solve.Care is Pioneering the use of Blockchain Technology and Digital Currency in the Healthcare Industry

Global Telehealth Exchange

On May 22nd, Solve.Care introduced Global Telehealth Exchange (GTHE). GTHE is a first-of-its-kind landmark deployment of blockchain and digital currency aimed at enabling patients to easily access healthcare services anywhere in the world. To-date GTHE has physicians signed up from 28 countries.

On June 25th, the Ambassador Program for GTHE was launched to engage with carefully chosen physicians and healthcare professionals to spread the word about the benefits to healthcare that Solve.Care and GTHE are looking to create. The program does not only promote Solve.Care solutions, but more importantly, it promotes our mission of making high quality affordable healthcare accessible worldwide. The best representatives of the industry are always real users of the product. Ambassadors are also involved in creating a road map of GTHE and help to shape it from the feedback they receive through physicians worldwide. We are privileged to have prominent figures among our Ambassadors such as:

Dr. Bhagwant Singh Ratta MD, MBBS, FICS, FAIS, FACS

Dr. Ratta is a Pediatric Surgeon, Urologist with 30 years of clinical experience and formerly the President of the Telemedicine Society of India

Dr. Carlos A. Garcia-Bueno MD

Dr. Garcia-Bueno is an attending pediatric gastroenterologist at “Hospital Pediatrico de Sinaloa” in Mexico and Medical Director of the GI Motility Center at “Hospital Angeles Culiacan”. He is also the Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at the “Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa” school of medicine.

Dr. Swapna Vaidya MD

Dr. Swapna Vaidya is a Psychiatrist-Associate at Kaiser Permanente Washington and a member of the board of advisors for Gennev, a first-of-its-kind online clinic for menopause.

Dr. Evan Lipkis MD

Dr. Evan Lipkis is an Internist with over 35 years’ experience in the medical field and he is also known as The Rational Physician. He is the author of ‘Doctor In Your House,’ an award-winning medical e-newsletter that provides readers with practical nuggets of concise medical advice that can easily be incorporated into their day-to-day lives.

As part of our Ambassadors Program activities, our very active Solve.Care telegram community were invited to reach out to their own healthcare providers to promote GTHE with our Community Referral Program. Solve.Care believes in strong community engagement and participation in all of its activities.

“When I first heard about the vision of GTHE, I was truly excited of it’s potential. Through GTHE, physicians can finally practice medicine the way they want to. GTHE holds the promise of how healthcare should be. It will allow us to achieve the Utopia of medicine.” Dr. Swapna Vaidya, Psychiatrist-Associate at Kaiser Permanente Washington

Global Telehealth Exchange Welcomes Physicians

On December 23rd, we announced the activation of the first batch of physicians on its Global Telehealth Exchange (GTHE). Physicians have now been listed on the GTHE blockchain registry. Here they can publish their profiles, rates, availability, and accept appointments. GTHE offers physicians a unique level of autonomy, control, and automation over how they practice medicine; individual physicians can decide how, when, where, and to whom they will offer healthcare, as well as determining the parameters and perimeters of their offering, be it local or global, specific or general. The efficiency of GTHE also removes many unnecessary administrative tasks which plague the healthcare industry today. With the recent deployment of the first batch of physicians on the Global Telehealth Exchange (GTHE) network, see what GTHE can offer you in this new video for the GTHE Provider Wallet.

“This marks a milestone moment for Solve.Care and our global community of physicians as we continue to tackle the challenges facing the global healthcare system. Telehealth is a major real-world solution that is breaking down barriers in our healthcare systems, increasing accessibility, and reducing inequality. GTHE goes even further than a simple teleconsultation and is designed to meet the needs of physicians and patients alike, whilst minimizing paperwork and bureaucracy and respecting the rights and privacy of both patients and physicians.” –Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care

DefinitizeThe First Decentralized Autonomous Organization for DeFi in Healthcare

This year, Solve.Care is proud to present to you Definitize. The first Decentralized Autonomous Organization that utilizes DeFi for healthcare financing. Officially launched on October 28th, Definitize is designed to improve access to care, enhancing healthcare outcomes by better serving patients, doctors, and care organizations. It utilizes decentralized finance to democratize healthcare by having the community select and finance deserving projects that create value for communities and generate sustainable returns in a highly transparent manner. You can read how Definitize came to be in “The Story Behind Definitize”.

DCARE Mining Started

DCARE is the governance token of Definitize, the world’s first Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that uses DeFi for healthcare financing. Being a DCARE holder empowers you to play an integral role in the management and direction of Definitize. Not only will you be a part of a movement disrupting the healthcare industry, you will also be generating sustainable returns for taking part.

Over 11 Million SOLVE has been staked for DCARE Mining this year. People from all around the world have stepped forward and started to regain control over their own healthcare journey. Help shape the future of healthcare financing. Start mining DCARE now:

Definitize Constitution Draft

The first draft of the Definitize Constitution is now available and open to community commentary. As part of Definitize’s community governance, feedback from its citizens will help to form the updated Definitize Constitution draft, which will be released on January 15, 2021.

The community commentary period will take place between December 25, 2020 and be open for your review and feedback until January 8, 2021.

This is your chance to help shape Definitize. You can provide your feedback here.

Team.Care Network, Solve.Care’s Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Team.Care Network is helping organizations manage their workforce, no matter where they are. Team.Care is built on blockchain, utilizing Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) technology for real contemporary problems. The solution has a specialized focus on tracking employee wellbeing and risk to Covid -19 exposure. The pandemic has affected our daily lives and our way of working has changed. Whether working remotely, or in the workplace, businesses face new challenges. Are employers getting enough proper feedback from their employees, in order to help them cope?

Solve.Care is already supporting Angel Kids Pediatrics, one of Florida’s leading pediatric practices, with Team.Care Network. Angel Kids Pediatrics is using Solve.Care’s Team.Care Network to track their healthcare staff’s health and wellbeing. Thanks to Team.Care they were able to successfully identify multiple cases of COVID-19 and the solution has helped them to safeguard the rest of their team and patients.

“Our patients don’t come in on their own. They are brought in by their parents who are more at risk of contracting the virus. One of the best ways to help contain this pandemic is through the timely sharing of knowledge and focusing on prevention. We have a responsibility to our patients and their families to keep them as safe as possible. We employ the strictest protocols to ensure that our healthcare facilities remain sanitized and free of the virus. And Team.Care is one of those measures.” –Dr. Affan, CEO of Angel Kids.

Solve.Care Projects Update

Project Hope

Earlier this year, Solve.Care, as a global healthcare platform, couldn’t just stand on the sidelines during a global health emergency. For that reason, we partnered with Singapore-based trading platform, Huobi, to donate and offer support to Project HOPE and help people with the Wuhan coronavirus. The Project HOPE team worked hard airlifting aid to the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak, providing critical supplies, and supporting health workers who have been battling the epidemic.


Solve.Care Becomes a Member of the

This milestone brings an entire array of opportunities for Global Telehealth Exchange in international scope and the support of the global eHealth community. With ISFTeH, we’ve got one more ally in our mission to bring better access to healthcare around the world.

Having members from 103 countries, ISFTeH facilitates the international dissemination of knowledge and experience in telemedicine and eHealth. Recognized as an NGO in official relations with World Health Organization, ISfTeH provides access to recognized experts in the field worldwide.

Solve.Care Partners With ChainLink

Chainlink provides oracle services for blockchain smart contracts, connecting them with verified real-world data, events and payments. By working together, the two companies aim to deliver greater transparency, better compliance, and enable better decision making for patients and doctors worldwide.

Commenting on the integration, Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel remarked, “This integration brings together the two leading companies in their respective fields; Chainlink for oracles and Solve.Care for healthcare. By working together, we will be able to achieve greater levels of transparency, auditability, and compliance in healthcare delivery. This is a game-changer, and I believe that it will lead to greater adoption of blockchain in the healthcare sector.”

SOLVE Token Updates

SOLVE has Been Rated the #1 Token in the Healthcare Market!

Always moving forward, steadily and rapidly, Solve.Care has been strides ahead of the competition. We are the first company to implement blockchain technology and digital currency for value-based payments in healthcare. Our utility token SOLVE is designed to remove boundaries to healthcare services around the world, increasing transparency, reducing waste, and making access fast and simple. Rapid adoption of the Solve.Care Platform, interest from major companies, and an active community worldwide – all this and more is a clear confirmation that we are rocketing towards our goal of making healthcare easy and accessible for every man, woman, and child on the planet.

SOLVE/USD Pairing on Bittrex

Solve.Care is pleased to announce that its native SOLVE token is paired with USD on Bittrex, one of the world’s leading digital currency trading platforms.

With the SOLVE/USD trading pair now available on Bittrex, users can purchase SOLVE directly using US dollars, eliminating additional intermediary steps and their associated fees. This makes SOLVE even more connected to the global financial system and easily accessible. SOLVE is the 36th digital coin to have a USD pair on Bittrex, joining other top global digital currencies on the trading platform.

SOLVE Token Exchange Listings in 2020

SOLVE Token Wallets in 2020

Webinars and Roundtables

A New Approach to Managing Chronic Conditions

This was a webinar on taking patient care coordination to a new level, featuring real case studies. It featured guest speakers Pradeep Goel, Solve.Care CEO and Jami Berger, Executive Director, Operations at Arizona Care Network.

Will Telemedicine be the ‘New Normal’ Post Covid-19?

On July 15th, Dr. David Hanekom moderated a roundtable discussion on the topic of telemedicine. Our thanks to our distinguished panelists for an interesting and informative examination on this new, and now fundamental, medium. You can watch the roundtable in full here.

Getting Started in Telemedicine Amidst a Pandemic

On Nov. 11, Solve.Care held an informative roundtable session on “Getting Started in Telemedicine Amidst a Pandemic”. The webinar, moderated by Solve.Care CMO Dr. David Hanekom, featured healthcare professionals from various fields which gives us a wider insight into telehealth. The panel for this roundtable consisted of Prof. S. Yunkap Kwankam, Dr. Bhagwant Singh Ratta, Dr. Amr Ajlan, Dr. Ayman Eskander, Dr. Carlos A. Garcia-Bueno, and Mr. Daniel Hall. You can watch the roundtable in full here.

Blockchain Revolution Global and Panel With Michael Kessel, CEO of Cleveland Clinic Canada

Solve.Care hosted a very special panel discussion on “Healthcare in the Post-COVID Era, and the Role Blockchain Can Play” with Dr. Swapna Vaidya, Dr. Ashraf Affan, Pradeep Goel, Dr. David Hanekom, Michael Kessel, and moderated by Jefferson Nunn. They discussed the impact COVID-19 has had on healthcare and its future, and the role blockchain can play in it. You can watch the session in full here.

Solve.Care Key Hires in 2020

Ian Plenderleith – Chief Financial Officer

Ian Plenderleith has 20 years of senior executive experience, which includes CEO and CFO positions in companies listed on the London Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ OMX Baltic stock market. Ian’s areas of corporate expertise cover national and local governments, shareholders, international trade organizations, international financial institutions, and overseeing the successful Initial Public Offering for the main water utility concessionaire in Tallinn, Estonia. As Chief Financial Officer, he oversees Finance-Forecasting, Planning and Reporting, Legal, Compliance, and Human Resources. With his experience, Ian provides financial, customer service, and operational improvement strategies for Solve.Care.


Siiri Grabbi – Legal and Compliance Officer

With the global reach and expansion of Solve.Care Solutions, it is vital that we increase familiarity with regulations around the world. Siiri brings with her over 12 years of government relations experience with the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Her experience with different government legislations around the world is a great asset for Solve.Care. During her time in service she had the opportunity to observe various healthcare systems firsthand.

“I hope to contribute to Solve.Care’s great vision becoming a reality. That means assuring proper compliance within Solve.Care and compliance with different legislation around the world.”


Ahmed Abdulrehman – Physicians Relations Specialist

Solve.Care’s Physicians Relations Team has been bolstered by the addition of Ahmed Abdulrehman to the team. Ahmed has a Masters in Oral Biology and experience working side by side with various healthcare professionals, including orthopedic, plastic, vascular, thoracic, oral maxillofacial, and OBGYN surgeons, dentists, primary care physicians, pharmacists and other para-health professionals. As a part of the Physician Relations team, Ahmed’s knowledge of the healthcare industry and its practitioners ensures an engaged, vibrant, and strong growth in Solve.Care’s Physician Community.

“I am excited to be a part of a team of dedicated and experienced individuals who are optimizing the practitioner as well as patient experience in their healthcare journeys. Solve Care’s unique approach to bridging the gap of interoperability in medicine is an outstanding and revolutionary step in the delivery of healthcare.”

Even though 2020 was a challenging year it was full of success, progress, and achievements for Solve.Care. We are focused on making 2021 an even more fruitful year. Solve.Care can’t be prouder to have an amazing community and providers that truly believe in us. We wish everyone a happy New Year and look forward to continue our mission of providing innovative healthcare solutions that make the world a better place.

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 Your Solve.Care Team.

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