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The Story Behind Definitize

This year we have witnessed DeFi take center stage, and its popularity is expected to continue to soar into the new year. Coupled with the global pandemic, which has exposed many challenges within the global healthcare system, it has opened a gap in the market for a unique merge between DeFi and healthcare.

How can the principles of DeFi play a role in achieving better patient outcomes and increased quality of care? With today’s healthcare system underperforming as a result of being underfunded, practitioners are having to work with limited resources, and in turn, patients are receiving sub-par care. By integrating DeFi with healthcare, a scalable, sustainable, and decentralized financial model can be put into place. This benefits patients, practitioners, and insurers alike.

DeFi presents a huge market opportunity for healthcare solutions. However, there has been little talk of the integration of the two, until now. Solve.Care has developed a framework upon which  Definitize is based. Definitize is the world’s first Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that uses DeFi for healthcare financing. With traditional finance continuously failing to cater to the needs of stakeholders within the healthcare industry, Definitize is designed to solve this issue and improve access to care on a global scale.

By using decentralized finance to democratize healthcare, Solve.Care aims to provide better patient outcomes and promote transparency within the industry. By turning over Definitize to the community to own and govern, all stakeholders, inclusive of patients and healthcare providers, can play a direct role in creating an impact to improve healthcare. Users can participate by staking SOLVE – Solve.Care’s native digital currency – to mine DCARE governance tokens and become citizen/owners of Definitize to get a share of the income of all Definitize asset pools. Or, they can decide to fund specific asset pools that would finance specific healthcare projects to earn interest and a share of the income that particular asset pool generates. Alternatively, the community can submit a proposal to the DAO to become a distributor.

Solve.Care believes that Definitize has the potential to change the game for healthcare financing across the globe, particularly in the area of consumer and faculty medical devices, medical research, and medical malpractice insurance. A lack of funding in these areas poses one of the greatest challenges to the industry, resulting in poorer patient care.

With Definitize, patients, doctors, institutions, and insurers can all mutually benefit through a community-driven, community-governed ecosystem. In this way, members of the DAO have the power to approve specific healthcare-focused projects based on the proposals they receive from other members. Once approved, asset pools which are funded by SOLVE tokens or other stable coins, are created to fund that specific project. This is a new and truly innovative way to solve the current lack of funding present in the healthcare industry today.

In a world where more and more patients are seeking to regain control over their own healthcare journey, it’s important that we develop a solution that empowers the patient to do so. Solve.Care is devoted to building the best solution possible for our community and the healthcare industry as a whole. We are committed to continually improving and developing our platform to better cater to our community’s needs. And that is how Definitize came to be.

DCARE governance tokens are now available for mining to become a citizen and owner of Definitize. Join the healthcare revolution today and change healthcare for the better.

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