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August 6th is the last day to submit your Care.Card!

The submission process for designing and building Care.Card prototypes has been extended for 2 more weeks! Many participants were rushing to finish their pieces with only a couple hours left on the clock. Now, whether you’re a UX Designer or React Native Developer, you have more time to finalize your Care.Card project and become a winner on August 15!

Do your best in the few weeks ahead!

While participating in Care.Card UX Contest, make sure you follow contest’s Technical Requirements (videos and instructions included). If you participate in the General Contest (UX+React Native) please accept a Github invitation to the source files of the contest and your private repo to push your code to. If you opt for participating in the Best Clickable Prototype Prize nomination, match your design with the General UX instructions given in the Technical Requirements mentioned above.

Schedule for both nominations is:

06.08 – Last day for your Care.Cards submissions.
15.08 – Winners Announcement during the live webcast on our YouTube channel and social media.

Don’t have UX or React Native skills? Collaborate with other participants!

  1. Leave your contact details in the contest collaboration list.
  2. Find the participant with the skills you lack and reach out to them.

Have more questions?

We’ve tried to give an answer to the most questions regarding the contest in the following FAQ page. If you haven’t found the answer to your question you’re welcome to reply to this e-mail.

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