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Best of Solve.Care CEO Live Update On the Global Telehealth Exchange

On July 25, Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel addressed the community to detail the rapid development of the Global Telehealth Exchange. What follows are highlights of some of the more salient points. The comprehensive coverage of the update can be found here.

The presentation itself is available here.

Pradeep Goel began by delineating the various ways in which the Global Telehealth Exchange differs from generic telemedicine platforms. GTHE is distinct in a number of respects. As its name declares, it is, first and foremost, a global exhange. Care providers and patients are introduced to one another on the basis of visibility parameters determined by the former and the search criteria of the latter. The physical location of each is immaterial.

Unlike other telemedicine offerings on the market, GTHE possesses an array of impressive capabilities such as instant appointments, real-time tele-sessions, safe record sharing, real-time referral management, and real-time payments that don’t require the exchange of banking information, all on a global scale. As far as care providers are concerned, the GTHE ID provides the value of an entire administrative staff, working 24/7 in so far as it largely automates administrative functions like managing a calendar of appointments, record-keeping, reminders and notification, etc. A given physician’s identity is verified (credentials, eligibility) and her profile plainly notes availability and rates. GTHE fees are based on revenue earned. This means that a doctor pays the platform based on her GTHE revenue, and not a contractually fixed charge or subscription fee like those found on other telehealth services.

Pradeep went on to explain that GTHE is being developed with the active participation of doctors themselves. Their interests lie in a platform that is not just for ad hoc primary care teleconsultations, but also for something that can accommodate specialist and concierge care with full care episode management. This allows a wider range of specialists like surgeons and doctors who are chiefly involved in long-term care management to offer the entire process of (for example) everything preliminary to actual surgery or a comparable intervention and everything that follows. Patient-centric care continuity places the emphasis on a tangible, sustained relationship as opposed to occasional or one-off consultations.

In view of the expanded scope of the GTHE, the launch date is now scheduled for Q4 2020.

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