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Better Lives With Care.Wallet: Asthma During the Winter in the UK

Asthma symptoms are often exacerbated over winter. During this time of year, there are more potential triggers for asthma attacks. According to Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation Partnership, 90% of people with asthma report that cold and flu viruses can make their asthma worse, and that 75% of people find cold weather triggers an asthma attack.

Different environments can cause asthma symptoms to worsen, and symptoms may vary, depending on the season. During the winter season, there may be an increased risk of viruses that can make your asthma worse. Apart from your airways being irritated by the dry and cold winter weather, people often spend a lot of time indoors. There are numerous indoor irritants that you can be exposed to, such as dander and dust, which may be especially bad if you have asthma caused by allergies.

One of the best ways to prevent and treat an asthma attack is to use an asthma action plan. This helps the patient stay on top of their asthma treatments, triggers, and what to do if the symptoms get worse. Care.Wallet can be configured to help people manage asthma and be in greater control of their state of health. Being in sync with the doctor more often will not be a problem anymore. With the ‘How Are You Feeling Today’ Care.Card, patients will be able to send daily updates to their doctor about their medication frequency, effectiveness, and side effects. Furthermore, the Care.Circle function will allow family members the option to be involved in the healthcare journey of a loved one.

Care.Wallet can be set up so that doctors will be able to see their patients’ health changes, provide recommendations and adjustments in treatment if needed. Through Solve.Care’s Care.Wallet, patients will be able to schedule appointments immediately, and in the event of an in-person consultation, book a ride to get to the appointment.

Solve.Care is working on making healthcare more accessible than ever before. Did you find the above article interesting? Take a look at our previous article, Seasonal Influenza Worldwide.

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