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Better Lives With Care.Wallet: Emphysema in Australia

Emphysema is a chronic condition that effects the respiratory system. People suffering from emphysema have the walls of their alveoli (air sacs located in the lungs) progressively harmed, which leads to trouble breathing. Smoking is the primary driver of this condition. Exposure to industrial pollutants in the workplace and air pollution can also cause emphysema.

The most common symptom of emphysema is shortness of breath. The feeling of being breathless or short of breath usually develops gradually. In some cases, the shortness of breath may become disabling and lead to a limitation of daily activities. People with severe emphysema may sometimes feel breathless even when resting.

The majority of people suffering from emphysema also have chronic bronchitis. These two conditions occurring together is called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). According to Lung Foundation Australia, around 1 out of 7 Australians above the age of 40 have developed some form of COPD, yet many don’t realize they have it. There is no treatment able to reverse the damage from emphysema. However, medication can slow the progression of the illness and mitigate symptoms.

Care.Wallet can be configured to help patients with emphysema manage their condition.

People who experience the symptoms of emphysema can schedule appointments with a GP or pulmonologist directly within Care.Wallet. A function for medical transportation booking is also embedded in Care.Wallet, if you need a ride to get to the facility.

After a physical examination for signs of emphysema and COPD, doctors can take notes of their findings and other symptoms directly in Care.Wallet to use this information for a referral if needed. All information will also be securely stored in your Care.Wallet. If emphysema is diagnosed and confirmed, a patient can get a prescription from their doctor in the Care.Wallet app. Furthermore, Care.Wallet can help with symptom monitoring and assessment, prescription management, and patient engagement.

Emphysema patients can invite and stay in touch with their doctors in their Care.Circle. The “How Are You Feeling Today” Care.Card is a comprehensive tool that helps patients to share their daily symptoms with healthcare professionals and get feedback or health advice to mitigate them. In this way Care.Wallet will also improve patients’ involvement to be better empowered and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Care.Wallet is a versatile and robust tool that is aimed to disrupt the healthcare industry by making quality care accessible to everyone. It provides real-time, dynamic, and technology-assisted care. Take a look at our previous article Skin Cancer in the US.

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