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Better Lives With Care.Wallet: Epilepsy in Brazil

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that affects the central nervous system. The disorder results in abnormal brain activity which can cause severe symptoms in a patient. These symptoms may include unusual behavior, odd sensations, loss of awareness, and more alarmingly, seizures. The danger of seizures is that they can sometimes be hard to spot as they can affect a patient in different waves and intensities, from a blank stare lasting seconds to involuntary twitching. However, a single seizure can’t lead to a diagnosis of epilepsy, usually physicians look for two unprovoked seizures at least 24 hours apart.

Epilepsy can be developed by anyone, and incidences can occur without any regard to sex, race, ethnic background, or age. A study in Brazil, published in Scielo Brazil, estimates that the country has a 9.2 out of 1000 population lifetime prevalence of epilepsy and a 5.4 out of 1000 population of active prevalence. From the survey of 598 primary healthcare workers, it was found that 60% of their epilepsy patients did not experience seizures. The lack of such symptoms may lead to many cases being undiagnosed.

About half the cases of epilepsy have no discernable cause, and the other half can be attributed to different factors. These factors can include genetics, brain abnormalities, infections, head trauma, prenatal injuries affecting the brain, and developmental disorders. 

Treatment for epilepsy includes medications, changes in lifestyle, and in more severe situations, surgery. Anti-seizure medication can help those suffering from epilepsy to live a more seizure-free life. Therapies can also attribute to improving a patient’s quality of life. These therapies include lifestyle changes such as a ketogenic diet, and less common therapies such as vagus nerve stimulation or deep brain stimulation. Digital healthcare tools like Care.Wallet can help patients to be better informed about epilepsy, risks, treatment plans, and lifestyle choices to improve quality of life by having access to them readily available. Physicians will be able to provide better help and education to a wider audience, without the barriers of geography.

Care.Wallet is a powerful tool that has the ability to have everything patients may need for successfully managing their health. If experiencing unexpected symptoms, a patient can book an appointment with a few clicks directly in the App. If a patient needs a ride to the facility, Care.Wallet has got them covered with a medical transportation solution embedded. If it’s not possible to have an in-office visit, Care.Wallet allows for booking online appointments via Global Telehealth Exchange. 

With Care.Wallet the patient doesn’t have to worry about preparing for the appointment, as all their previous medical records are securely stored in their Care.Wallet and can be shared with all members of their care team in real-time. On top of that, Care.Wallet allows for symptom recording and management. Armed with all the necessary information, medical professionals can better evaluate the health condition of the patient and diagnose the problem. Prescriptions and referrals can be easily managed within the App as well. Care.Wallet has a comprehensive feedback function, called “How Are You Feeling Today” (HAYFT) Cards, that allows the patient to stay in touch with their care provider and report any changes to their health condition. In addition, the Care.Circle functionality provides an opportunity for the patient to have health information exchanged between all care professionals involved in their treatment. Family and friends can be invited to join their Care.Circle, as well to support the patient in their recovery and stay updated about their current health situation.

Care.Wallet is a powerful health management tool designed to offer a new improved standard of care and will improve the way healthcare works by putting patients in control of their health management. If you enjoyed this article, do take a look at our previous article Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs) in Portugal.

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