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Better Lives with Care.Wallet: Epilepsy in Latin America

Epilepsy is a chronic non-communicable disease of the brain that affects people of all ages. Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological disorders in the world, affecting approximately 50 million people, 5 million, of whom, live in the region of the Americas.

Epilepsy is characterized by recurrent seizures, which are brief episodes of involuntary movement that may involve a part of the body or the entire body and are sometimes accompanied by loss of consciousness and control of bowel function. Seizures can occur for a number of reasons and often they can be prevented. Some common behaviors and factors that may trigger an epileptic seizure: stress, anxiety, other emotional issues, alcohol or drug abuse, change in sleep schedules, feeling very tired, or significant sleep deprivation.

Correct treatment can help most people with epilepsy have fewer seizures or stop having seizures completely. Using Solve.Care’s platform, one may create a Care Network that can help patients direct their epilepsy treatment by effective health management and coordination. With Care.Wallet, it is possible to provide all the needed steps in treatment and even more. The ‘How Are You Feeling Today’ (HAYFT) Care.Card enables patients to be connected with the doctor and their family. By sending daily updates, all the parties included in the treatment process can monitor and coordinate the patient treatment, see the changes and the progress. The doctor’s check-up will become easier and faster with the ‘Book a Ride’ Care.Card, where patients will be able to arrange transport in a couple of clicks and see an immediate confirmation from the doctor.

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