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Better Lives with Care.Wallet: Ischemic Heart Disease in South Korea

Ischemia is a condition in which the blood flow and oxygen being carried is restricted or reduced in a part of the body. Cardiac ischemia is the result of decreased blood flow and oxygen to the heart muscle. This term is used to describe heart problems caused by narrowed heart arteries. The smaller the artery becomes, the less blood and oxygen reach the heart muscle, which can ultimately lead to a heart attack. Ischemic heart disease can be avoided with proper care and check-ups.

In South Korea, ischemic heart disease is a big issue. In 2017, South Korea Institute of Health and Social Affairs reported that ischemic heart disease was the third leading cause of death in the country. This was a drop from their 2007 report when ischemic heart disease was the number one cause of death. South Korea is not alone, as many countries struggle with this health issue. However, South Korea claims that access to quality care facilities and lifestyle choices, including diet and exercise, have helped reduce the number of cases. Improving access to care and the quality of care will continue to make an impact in the fight against this disease.

Care.Wallet was designed to improve quality of care and offer greater access to care of choice. This powerful solution can strengthen the connection between patient and doctor. Care.Wallet will allow a patient to synchronize devices like heart rate monitors, weighing scales, and blood sugar monitors, directly with their doctor. A doctor can use Care.Wallet to monitor the data, ask the patient questions or schedule a follow-up, based on the data provided. Through the Care.Wallet, the GTHE (Global Telehealth Exchange) can be accessed, which is how patients can connect to a doctor or specialist, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world. Care.Wallet delivers tools and access to quality care which can help a patient manage ischemic heart disease.

Solve.Care continues to break down the barriers and improve healthcare.

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