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Better Lives with Care.Wallet: Mood and Anxiety Disorders in Canada

Mood and anxiety disorders are among the most common types of mental disorders in Canada. They are known to have a major impact on the daily lives of those affected. According to key findings of the Canadian Report of Mood and Anxiety Disorders, approximately 1 in 10 (3.5 million) Canadians used health services annually for mood and anxiety disorders.

Although anxiety affects the mood, it is not considered a mood disorder as is not directly related to moods. Mood disorders are characterized by the lowering or elevation of a person’s emotional state, while anxiety is characterized by excessive and persistent feelings of nervousness, anxiety, and fear. Both disorders interfere with an individual’s everyday life for an extended period of time. Professional care combined with active engagement in self-management strategies can foster recovery and improve the wellbeing of people affected by these disorders, ultimately enabling them to lead happy and healthy lives.

This is where Solve.Care’s Care.Wallet can help, once it is configured to manage this chronic ailment. Users can then monitor their mood and health changes. With How Are You Feeling Today (HAYFT) Care.Card, patients are able to track their emotional state, side effects of the treatment, or any other related symptoms and changes. The doctor can review records daily to monitor the patient’s condition and give care recommendations without having to schedule appointments. Care.Wallet allows for the scheduling of non-emergency appointments in just a few clicks. The doctor and patient will receive the confirmation and further notifications about the appointment, saving time for all involved in the treatment process.

An important part of the mood and anxiety disorders treatment is constant access to quality care. The Global Telehealth Exchange is built to break down the geographical and time barriers between patients and physicians. GTHE will be able to provide the patient with 24/7 access to the healthcare services they want or need, worldwide.

Care.Wallet enables patients to receive a whole range of healthcare services in one place.

Solve.Care is working on making healthcare more accessible than ever before. Did you find this article interesting? Take a look at our previous one on Atrophic Gastritis in Japan.

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