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Better Lives With Care.Wallet: Preeclampsia in the US

Preeclampsia is a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to other organ functions, like the liver and kidneys. Preeclampsia generally occurs after the 20th week of pregnancy. But in some cases, it happens earlier, or even after delivery. According to the CDC, about 1 in 25 pregnancies in the United States is complicated by preeclampsia. Left untreated, preeclampsia can lead to serious, and even fatal health consequences for both mother and baby. Doctors haven’t yet determined what exactly causes preeclampsia, but some potential reasons are being explored. These include genetic factors, blood vessel problems, and autoimmune disorders.

Preeclampsia sometimes develops without any symptoms. If symptoms do occur, some common ones include:

  • persistent headache
  • abnormal swelling in your hands and face
  • sudden weight gain
  • changes in vision
  • pain in the right upper abdomen

Nothing can definitively prevent preeclampsia. Early and consistent perinatal care can help doctors diagnose preeclampsia sooner and avoid complications. Having a diagnosis will allow doctors to provide future mothers with proper monitoring until a delivery date.

Care.Wallet can be configured to help women with preeclampsia to successfully diagnose and manage the condition. Monitoring blood pressure is an important part of perinatal care because the first sign of preeclampsia is commonly a rise in blood pressure. Care.Wallet is a powerful symptom management tool that can be connected to a home blood pressure monitor. This way, the App will be able to record the blood pressure data together with other symptoms that patients can then share with a doctor. This will help the doctor to diagnose preeclampsia in its early stages, even if the condition seems asymptomatic, and take appropriate action. In case of abnormal symptoms like severe headaches, blurred vision, or severe pain in your abdomen, patients are recommended to contact their doctor immediately. Care.Wallet can help schedule a doctor appointment with a few clicks and book a ride to the facility, if required, all in one App. Care.Wallet will also offer an option to connect with a doctor online via Global Telehealth Exchange if an in-office visit is not possible for any reason. Global Telehealth Exchange ensures enhanced security and high video quality for online consultations.

Solve.Care’s Care.Wallet is a milestone for blockchain deployment in healthcare that will drastically improve the quality of care, its accessibility, and care outcomes for everyone. If you enjoyed this article, do take a look at our previous article Cirrhosis in the US.

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