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Care.Trials: A Zero-Knowledge Clinical Trial Network


In the world of healthcare, research and development play a pivotal role in advancing medical breakthroughs. Clinical trials serve as the foundation for discovering new treatments, therapies, and cures that can transform lives. However, traditional clinical trial processes have often been marred by inefficiencies, lack of transparency, and cumbersome participant experiences. Enter Care.Trials, a revolutionary global research network that restores autonomy, choices, and dignity to trial participants while enabling a more effective and efficient relationship between trial sponsors and their participants.

Seamless and Efficient Trials

Care.Trials is designed to create a seamless and efficient ecosystem for conducting clinical trials. Leveraging the power of blockchain technology, this innovative network ensures data integrity, transparency, and security throughout the trial journey. By utilizing blockchain, researchers and participants can trust that the data collected is tamper-proof, giving rise to a more credible and reliable research process.

A Participant-Centric Approach

At the heart of Care.Trials lies a commitment to empowering participants and placing their needs at the forefront. The network offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing individuals to easily enroll in trials and provide essential information about their health profiles. This streamlined process not only encourages higher participation rates but also ensures that researchers have access to a diverse and representative pool of participants, leading to more accurate and applicable results.

Matchmaking Made Easy

Care.Trials revolutionizes the way participants are matched with suitable trials. By utilizing zero-knowledge (ZK) technology and smart contracts, the network identifies the best-fit trials based on individual profiles, ensuring that participants have a higher chance of being matched with trials relevant to their medical conditions and preferences. This not only saves time and effort but also increases the likelihood of successful trial completion.

What’s in it for you?

On the Care.Trials Network, users have access to a comprehensive set of functionalities designed to enhance their engagement and participation. Participants will have access to an informative initiation, providing newcomers with a fundamental understanding of the network’s purpose and advantages. By explaining the methods to safeguard their identity and data, communicate discreetly with navigators, and be automatically matched with suitable trials, participants can grasp the network’s significance and optimize its capabilities. The network includes an array of informative elements, including FAQs, to empower users with knowledge.

New participants will also have a step-by-step guide for the process of furnishing vital details for precise clinical trial matching. Beginning with the input of a referral code, if available, participants proceed to provide essential demographic and health-related information, thus ensuring accurate and tailored trial selections. Furthermore, there is a feature that encourages participants to introduce friends and colleagues to the network. By generating a unique personal code, participants can easily share it via various platforms, and for each successful referral, they earn tokens as a rewarding incentive. The journey also provides participants with visibility into their referral history and earnings, fostering transparency and recognizing their valuable contributions. This not only bolsters network expansion but also acknowledges and rewards users for their pivotal role in its growth.

In the promising future of the Care.Trials Network, users will have an expanded array of capabilities to enhance their clinical trial experience. Participants will be able to explore and connect with suitable trials and have a direct communication channel between participants and Navigators, ensuring comprehensive support for inquiries, concerns, and a deeper comprehension of desired trials. Participants, Navigators, and Trial Administrators can collaboratively engage to facilitate seamless trial enrollment, reflecting the network’s holistic approach. The network empowers participants to track their earnings, learn about redemption processes, and possibly involve a Trial Administrator to manage payments. These upcoming features and more collectively reinforce the network’s commitment to user-centricity, efficient enrollment, and comprehensive support throughout the clinical trial journey.

Privacy and Incentives

Privacy and data security are paramount in any medical research, and Care.Trials recognizes this fundamental aspect. By leveraging blockchain’s inherent security features, the network maintains participant anonymity throughout the trial process, giving participants peace of mind about their data protection.

Care.Trials is not just about streamlining clinical trials; it also aims to foster a collaborative environment where researchers, participants, and medical experts come together to drive breakthrough medical research. By eliminating barriers and making participation more attractive, the platform paves the way for novel discoveries and life-changing treatment.

Furthermore, Care.Trials incentivizes participation through its “Refer and Earn” journey. Participants have the opportunity to earn SOLVE tokens by referring others to the network, promoting a collaborative environment that encourages knowledge sharing and active engagement within the research community.


Care.Trials is a game-changer in the world of clinical research. By embracing blockchain technology, zero-knowledge, and putting participants at the center of the process, it creates a revolutionary ecosystem that streamlines clinical trials, protects data integrity, and fosters a collaborative environment for medical breakthroughs. With Care.Trials, the future of medical research looks brighter than ever before, and a world with better treatments and cures is within reach.

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