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CEO Arizona Care Network meets Solve.Care team

Last week, Dr. David Hanekom, CEO Arizona Care Network (ACN) arrived in Kyiv, Ukraine, to meet Solve.Care team and discuss the plan for developing ACN’s partnership with the team and CEO Pradeep Goel.

After introducing himself and sharing some of ACN news with the team, Dr. Hanekom was very enthusiastic about getting to know every individual who works at Solve.Care and answered the questions we had connected to the joint future of the companies.

Dr. David Hanekom about the ACN-Solve.Care relationship


In healthcare, there’s a long delay in the administrative processes and lots of middlemen that police everything before you get your services delivered. As for now, the system remains broken.

I’ve worked with Pradeep Goel in the healthcare industry before. Pradeep is a bright thought leader in many areas, and he always delivers what he promised before.

What Solve.Care and ACN are building together are the tools to accomplish a few goals:

1. Physicians, nurses and facilities will have all the necessary information needed to make good decisions.

I want to be sure that the data we provide to care providers is timely and accurate, so wherever the patient goes for care, their information is available and providers can make informed decision. Our goal is to empower everyone who works in our system. Currently, specialists don’t have easy access to this information. If they come to the wrong conclusion, the patient will be the first person to suffer the most.

2. Timely and accurate payments for healthcare services

What we want to do with blockchain, the first thing our companies started to develop, was the Provider Rewards Program. The program is a convenient way to say to the doctors how well they are performing, how they are ranked, and what they can do to improve their overall score. When you provide them with the statistics, doctors compete in order to perform better than the others. People want to know how they perform, what will be the total income. These are the core functionalities of our Provider Rewards Program, which will now be automated through the ACN Care Wallet.

3. Convenience and transparency for the patient

As we roll out our application on blockchain, we have to make sure that the most important people in healthcare are willing to use it on their smartphones. The two most important people in healthcare are the patient and the provider.

It’s very difficult for patients to get appointments in the US. People can’t get timely and accurate help. Blockchain is going to help us to empower the consumer with the ability to instantly book visits to the physician.

Solve.Care-ACN partnership in the future

What Pradeep and I are trying to do is to make sure that as we go, the Care.Wallet application that we put in the hands of the doctors, hospitals and insurance companies, is valuable. Care.Wallet has to make the customer happier and the provider happier with the functionality of booking an instant appointment, sharing information across the continuum of care, and the ability to provide accurate and timely payments for the service. As people will see us delivering better care, they will bring business to us.

What we are doing here impacts real people, moves to make every corner of the world a place where I can take my child to the doctor and receive good care, I can afford the treatment and I can get it from any provider I want in a timely manner. Societies are united by common interests and dreams in terms of the healthcare we receive. Solve.Care solution will apply everywhere, and at the same time we are trying to change the world one patient at a time.

As the system will work for Arizona Care Network, we will expand it across other states and networks.

Pradeep Goel already sees the demand coming. We want to make sure that as we scale, we can deliver the services the customer needs. When the product hits the market we want to know that the product is well-tested, and we can hear the feedback from the customer.

How big is the market? From my perspective, five years from now, we should be able to handle tens of millions of wallets in the US alone.

Healthcare is a big business in the US. 20% of all the goods and services produced in the US are related to healthcare. Until about five years ago, the US spent more on healthcare than the entire GDP of China.

The number one employer in the US is healthcare now. One in 85 people works in the industry. IT there is very expensive and most of the systems were designed many years ago. Changing those systems requires a tremendous budget. While 60% of healthcare costs are spent on employees, 25% of the budget goes for IT.

My success is absolutely dependent on Solve.Care and vice versa, so we both can have a long-term relationship. I’m not interested in a 1–2 year deal with the company and then go look for someone else. What I’m investing in is the CEO and the team that works with him. I’m not investing in technology. It’s not the technology that’s important, it’s the people behind the technology who matter the most. Anyone can copy the technology or improve it. But when you have a strong team, that’s what makes the company successful.

Every day we come to the office not to write code; our goal is to make sure the patients in the US and soon the rest of the world get better care and pay less for it. It’s not just the job, that is the mission that makes the difference in everyone’s life. Our joint forces are making the world a better place through healthcare and blockchain technology.

Originally posted on Medium.

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