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ChangeNOW: Another Secure and Convenient Exchange Platform for the SOLVE Token

Our unwavering mission at Solve.Care has always been to make the healthcare system easily available, accessible, and affordable for the benefit of everyone. We want to simplify and democratize healthcare so that a patient, no matter where they are in the world, can have access to any doctor anywhere. You should not be restricted from accessing good quality and affordable healthcare because of your geographic location or economic status. A big part of furthering this mission is making the SOLVE token the premier digital healthcare currency that can be used to facilitate payments in order to secure easy access to more healthcare services no matter where you are.

SOLVE Token Available on ChangeNOW

The SOLVE token is vital to our commitment to improving access to healthcare for everyone, so its accessibility must be simple for even those new to cryptocurrency. The wider SOLVE Community understands this and we have been hard at work to improve this accessibility. Considering that our mission of decentralizing healthcare requires simple, convenient, and most importantly, safe access to our token, SOLVE is now accessible on ChangeNOW, a non-custodial crypto exchange platform as well as in its official NOW Wallet

ChangeNOW prides itself in its simplicity and convenience for users. In just 3 simple steps, users can complete their transaction. SOLVE can be obtained with fiat or exchanged for any of over 400 supported cryptos, totaling over 70,000 currency pairs. 

As a non-custodial platform, ChangeNOW guarantees your privacy, allows access to decentralized liquidity via DeFi-based platforms, and boasts over 3 million users.

Access to SOLVE is Access to Better Healthcare

Today, Care.Wallet is available in over 80 countries and Global Telehealth Exchange (GTHE) has doctors from over 30 countries with many more continuing to sign up. 

A growing world-wide expansion of GTHE, and the availability of DCARE mining for Definitize make it even more important to make SOLVE tokens accessible. Millions of patients around the world will use GTHE and will need SOLVE to pay for their telehealth services. 

Meanwhile, people are also getting involved with being part of decentralized healthcare financing through Definitize. SOLVE tokens will be used in all of these solutions and more Care Networks that are coming up soon, to make healthcare simple and accessible.

Solve.Care is removing healthcare industry barriers, by connecting patients and doctors without regard to their location, and by ensuring that all other stakeholders are working seamlessly for the patient’s benefit. All of this will be carried out using the SOLVE token. Access to SOLVE is access to better healthcare. 

Get started on a new level of healthcare journey now by getting SOLVE on ChangeNOW

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