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DCARE Governance Token Available for Mining

Definitize is a 100% community owned, run, governed Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that utilizes DeFi for Healthcare Financing. It is based on a framework designed by Solve.Care, and Definitize has taken the first very important step in handing the DAO over to you, the community, to own and govern. DCARE tokens are now available for mining. DCARE is the governance token of Definitize and empowers you to play an integral role in the development and direction of Definitize. Not only will you be a part of a movement disrupting the 8.45 trillion-dollar healthcare industry, you will also receive sustainable returns as an owner of Definitize. As a DCARE token holder you are entitled to income from all Definitize asset pools that are used to finance healthcare projects. DCARE lets you play an important role in the management of Definitize to let you dictate what projects deserve financing, create value for communities, and generate sustainable returns in a highly transparent manner.

As holders of DCARE tokens, you get to:

  • govern the Definitize DAO
  • approve all asset pools for financing healthcare projects
  • appoint committee members
  • approve community experts
  • manage all ongoing governance tasks
  • receive income from Definitize

Definitize was conceptualized to finance projects democratically in the healthcare industry. The asset pools can be used to finance projects such as consumer medical financing, professional device and facility financing, drug research and discovery financing, and any other project the community may propose to pursue. There is no limitation to the type of projects you can propose if it is healthcare related. Whether large-scale or small-scale projects, you can be a part of it all! The more DCARE you hold, the greater your voice in Definitize, and the greater the share of the income you will be entitled to. There is only a maximum of 3.5 million DCARE tokens that can be mined. DCARE will not be sold via token sale and has no issuance price.

Start mining DCARE now to directly participate in changing healthcare for the better! The Mining Contract shall expire at 23:59 EST on Dec 31, 2021 and no more DCARE can be mined once the contract expires.

Be a part of this change that will redefine healthcare. Be a part of the first ever DAO built to finance healthcare and pave the way forward. Join the Definitize Discord Channel where you can be assisted in answering more questions you may have on DCARE mining. Visit to learn more.

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