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Discover the Future of Population Health Management (PHM) with Care.Platform Release 8

Solve.Care is excited to announce the launch of Release 8 (R8), the most powerful version of Care.Platform yet. R8 introduces an array of groundbreaking features that can manage and revolutionize population health management.

Unleashing the Power of Population Health Management

The release of R8 sets a new bar in population health management. R8 leverages existing systems but delivers a new level of functionality to consumers, physicians, and healthcare organizations including governments. Let’s first dive into the features now available that make population health management possible on Care.Platform.

1. Integration with EMR, Claims Systems, and Health Information Exchanges

2. Streamlined Population-Level Eligibility and Enrollment Management

3. Advanced Data Analytics, Cross-Referencing, and duplications..

These features can exist individually but we are the only platform that incorporates all three and delivers these features in a decentralized way. We are also the only platform to combine these features together with a unique approach to identity, data management, consent, care coordination, benefit administration, and payment facilitation.

Clients that deal with population health management have the ability to add millions of users to our platform and dramatically increase real-world token adoption. Let’s go into some of the biggest players in PHM.

The features that make up population health management are so powerful we will be going into detail about each one so stay tuned for more announcements!.

Who deals with population health management?

Government Organizations: Every public health agency and government body at the local, state, and national levels around the world have a significant interest in population health management. They are responsible for monitoring the health of the population, implementing public health programs, and creating policies that promote wellness and disease prevention. Population health management is the key to dealing with changing demographics and managing costs while delivering value to society.

Healthcare Providers: Health systems, hospitals, and medical groups are increasingly interested in population health management to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and enhance the overall health of the communities they serve. They often collaborate with other stakeholders, including insurers and technology companies, to implement population health initiatives.

Health Insurance Companies: Insurers have a vested interest in population health management as it helps them identify and manage risks, improve health outcomes, and control healthcare costs. Many insurance companies have developed programs and initiatives that focus on preventive care, chronic disease management, and wellness to promote population health.

Pharmaceutical Companies: Pharmaceutical companies recognize the value of population health management in optimizing medication use, patient adherence, and treatment outcomes. They often collaborate with healthcare providers, payers, and technology companies to support population health initiatives and develop innovative therapies.

Research Institutions: Academic and research institutions play a crucial role in advancing population health management by conducting studies, developing evidence-based interventions, and disseminating best practices. They collaborate with various stakeholders to drive innovation and improve the understanding of population health dynamics.


Next Steps: Stay Tuned for Detailed Insights

Population health management is not the only utility to come out of R8 and we understand that the true power of R8 lies in its intricate details. In our upcoming announcements, we will provide comprehensive explanations of how each component not only enables population health management but expands our pipeline and brings incredible new utility.

Stay tuned for more announcements, as we unveil the power of R8 and demonstrate how it can ultimately serve the 4+ billion people on the planet who suffer from the top 10 chronic conditions in a way that governments can sustain, patients can use, care providers can deliver and society can afford.

Your Solve.Care Team.

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