Donald Upson has joined the Solve.Care Foundation Advisory Board

The goal of redefining care, cost and convenience is big; to achieve it Solve.Care will need the support of domain experts on different matters, including government programs and regulations. With this goal in mind, we requested Donald Upson to join our team as Strategic Advisory Board member.

We are happy to announce that Don is now a member of our strategic advisory board. Below are some facts that partially explains the value Don Upson brings to Solve.Care.

Don served as the first Secretary of Technology for the State of Virginia. His office combined the traditional functions of a chief information officer with broader economic development and R&D responsibilities. In the position of Secretary of Technology, Don brought together leading business and academic leaders to produce the first comprehensive government policy encouraging growth and responsible Internet utilization, major outsourcing and other IT management initiatives, and a legal framework to encourage attraction and growth of technology companies in the State of Virginia.

Don’s technology model in Virginia was emulated by other states and by the Federal Government in the creation of a national CTO and it holds true for several foreign governments as well.

For more than three decades Don has held senior management positions in government and private sector organizations. Serving as Senior Vice President of PRC Inc., an $800 million company specializing in complex government technology solutions and applications, Don managed business development for civilian markets and built an industry-leading marketing strategy that supported the company’s growth and eventual acquisition by Litton Industries.

From 1977 to 1992, Don served in senior positions on Capitol Hill, ending with a six-year stint as staff director of the House Government Operations committee: the investigative arm of the House of Representatives. He was a principal staff leader involved with a range of investigations and legislative initiatives that included the Inspector General Act, the Chief Financial Officers Act, the Paperwork Reduction Act, the Procurement Integrity Act, and others.

Donald Upson is a seven-time recipient of the Federal 100 honoring the top 100 industry and government leaders in government technology, received an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Marymount University and numerous other recognitions.

Don, we are delighted and humbled by your willingness to assist.

We look forward to continuing our bold mission to redefine care, cost and convenience for everyone, by putting healthcare on Blockchain.

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