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Empowering Care.Networks: Revealing Release 11’s Exciting New Features

Care.Platform by Solve.Care is changing industries all around the world, starting from healthcare. And it just got more powerful!

At the heart of our vision for digital healthcare lies innovation, which enhances the user experience and provides support to both the creators and users of our healthcare networks. In our most recent release of Care.Platform — Release 11 — we’re pleased to introduce several ground-breaking features and enhancements that expand authoring capabilities while enriching the experience for Care.Wallet users.

A key aspect of this decentralization initiative is growing SOLVE liquidity on Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs), such as Uniswap, making it more readily available for users.

Experience healthcare innovation like never before with Care.Platform Release 11! Enhanced Python event handlers empower you to create your own sophisticated healthcare dApps effortlessly with Care.Labs.

This release includes amazing upgrades to Care.Wallet too! Your own personal healthcare hub just got more robust. Manage your SOLVE seamlessly, revolutionize Care.Wallet’s UI with Care.Tiles, engage with video content, and visualize your progress in real-time.

So, let’s get right into it.

Python Event Handler Enhancements

Care.Journeys are the foundation of Care.Networks, comprising complex processes that encompass data entry, computation, actions, and sharing. Thanks to our improved Python event handlers, both our Delivery Team and end users can effortlessly create more advanced and data-rich Care.Journeys. This streamlines the authoring process, enabling the rapid creation and deployment of high-level journeys for diverse healthcare scenarios.

Why Python?

  • Python offers hundreds of APIs and packages, making it an invaluable choice for developers seeking multiple functionalities.
  • It excels at handling complex healthcare data sets, Python has quickly become the language of choice among professionals working within this sector.
  • Python offers robust support for machine learning algorithms that enable developers to craft intricate models and analyze data efficiently.
  • Its vibrant community provides an ideal place for developers to collaborate, learn, and grow together.
  • Python’s intuitive syntax and extensive libraries make coding and testing easy and efficient processes, with millions of developers worldwide using this programming language to code.

Attention Python Developers! Do you want to code and leave a legacy in global healthcare?! Learn how you can make your mark here:

Or join our developer community on Discord:

SOLVE: Improved Financial Flows

In Release 11, Care.Wallet and Care.Network users can now effortlessly manage their SOLVE for purchasing, depositing, bill payments, withdrawals, and transfers — seamlessly integrating these transactions into their daily lives. The ramifications of this are immense, paving the way for widespread adoption of the SOLVE token.

Quick note on SOLVE withdrawal.

The withdraw SOLVE feature is applied only for SOLVE tokens, which have resulted from payment transactions (including referral bonus) to your Care.Wallet.

If you bought, received from transfer or someone gifted, or deposited SOLVE you cannot withdraw them. Instead, you can spend them in Networks.

Revolutionizing the Care.Wallet User Interface with Care.Tiles

We understand the importance of the user experience of Care.Wallet. That is why we have enhanced Care.Tiles to create an efficient and smooth experience for users. Featuring rolling tiles for long lists, searchable multi-select dropdowns, calendar tiles with date pickers, and attachment tiles for file uploads allow users to customize their experience specific to their individual needs. These enhancements create an ideal user-friendly environment tailored to each individual user.

Old UI.

New UI.

Greater Engagement with Video Tiles

At Solve.Care, we also recognize the power of visual content to engage patients, which is why we’re delighted to introduce the Video Tile feature. Care.Network authors can now upload 5-second to 60-second videos into Care.Wallets for increased engagement. Users can watch these videos, bringing new dimensions of a digital healthcare experience!

Care.Labs Community Edition: Enabling Creators with Flexibility

As part of our efforts to empower authors even further, we’ve introduced Care.Labs Community Edition. This feature allows creators to add multiple roles to Journeys and Cards within Care.Networks to meet diverse user requirements. This gives creators more freedom in designing complex and sophisticated healthcare networks.

Country Matrix Expansion: Tailoring Care.Networks to Global Users

Our backend now features an advanced “Country Matrix,” which governs the behavior of Care.Wallets around the globe. In Release 11, this matrix has been expanded to include additional parameters like SOLVE Transfer, Withdrawal at Market Value, and Selling SOLVE; these changes ensure Care.Networks are tailored specifically for specific countries and regions in accordance with their user base’s diverse needs.

Progress Comparison Tile: Visualizing Successes in Real Time

Progress Comparison Tile is one of the many hallmark features of Release 11. This visual aid enables users to track their healthcare journey efficiently while offering invaluable insights and motivating them towards reaching their goals.

Care.Wallet for Android

Great news! Care.Wallet for Android is back! Android users will find Care.Wallet to be an effortless experience, offering features such as a user-friendly sign-up flow, limited Care.Profile capabilities, simplified log-in processes, and integration with SOLVE through Binance Pay — ensuring they can easily navigate and utilize Care.Networks on their devices. Currently, the Android version of Care.Wallet is still in its early stages, however its features will catch up to be on par with the iOS experience in the next big update.

Release 11 is an example of our dedication to continuous improvement and innovation. By equipping Care.Network authors with powerful tools while giving users a seamless experience, we are revolutionizing digital healthcare. Features like enhanced Python event handlers, SOLVE management, improved Care.Wallet UI, video integration, Care.Labs Community Edition are shaping the future of healthcare networks.

Join us in this exciting journey as we redefine digital healthcare experiences worldwide.

*These new features from R11 are currently only available on Care.Wallet iOS and will be available on android in Release 12.

Your Solve.Care Team.

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