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For Solve.Care and ACN, the NAACOS Conference was a huge success!

This year’s Annual Conference of the National Association of Accountable Care Organizations (NAACOS) conference was held in Baltimore, Maryland, April 24–26. The Conference itself provided critical insights, strategies, and perspectives from national Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) experts, plus case studies, valuable data, and lessons learned from leading ACOs around the country. I and our business development team spent three days meeting our partners, clients, and supporters nonstop while also making new connections.

In attendance was our client Arizona Care Network (ACN), one of the largest ACOs in the country. They implemented Solve.Care Care.Wallet in 2018 with remarkable success that continues to get better and better. ACN Executive Director Jami Berger presented their roadmap for expanding the use of Care.Wallets across their network, over the next 6–9 months. I was very happy to see this roadmap published, because it shows greater adoption and increasing positive impact on lowering clinical and administrative costs. Jami also told attendees, including their competitors, that Solve.Care is the vendor they should all talk to.

On the 25th, ACN was awarded for having The Most Innovative Solution of 2019. This is an incredible honor since healthcare innovation is the reason for an ACO to exist. With this award, ACN was recognized as the first among firsts. And Solve.Care was recognized as the enabling platform behind that innovation. This is a remarkable feat for ACN and, concurrently, for Solve.Care. If you truly want to understand why ACN received this award, read this abstract about what ACN goals and strategy are and how Care.Wallet makes them possible.

We are incredibly excited about the tremendous interest in our platform. There are dozens of ACOs wanting to know how we pulled off the solution for Arizona Care Network. Our business development team is going to be very busy over the next coming months.

Pradeep Goel, CEO & Founder, Solve.Care

Originally posted on Medium

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