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Game On! Citizen Authoring for Definitize Kicks off!

The community initiative to author the first DeFi Care.Network on Care.Platform has begun!

Solve.Care is stepping up to help the community achieve its objectives by appointing a community liaison to coordinate and conduct community workshops. Anyone can play, everyone is encouraged to join the team.

Solve.Care is also making Care.Labs available for free to the Definitize community so the community can define, visualize and test their ideas in real life.


“Hey, Definitize Community. I’m William and I’m excited to start working with you all!” — Come join us and be active in the Definitize Discord Channel!

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What is Definitize?

Definitize is a decentralized finance (DeFi) network that allows healthcare organizations and the community to collaborate in worthy proposals in a fully transparent and compliant manner.

Definitize is an autonomous, community led, community governed, community financed and community managed organization. It’s a new kind of DAO(decentralized autonomous organization) that addresses real world needs of patients, doctors, organizations and communities to improve healthcare. 

Read the draft Definitize Constitution, Lightpaper, and Whitepaper to learn why it is unlike anything else.

What is Care.Platform?

Care.Platform is a powerful blockchain based platform that makes it possible for businesses and communities to build multi-sided networks to address real-world needs ranging from disease management to decentralized finance for healthcare through authoring.

What does authoring mean?

Authoring is a well-defined and fast process to create dApps (Care.Cards) and link them into powerful multi-sided networks using Care.Labs. It ensures that everyone and anyone can easily create Care.Cards and participate in making healthcare better.

How is Definitize different? 

Definitize is community imagined, citizen friendly, and built on the Care.Platform.

There is no need to link external wallets like Metamask, everything is a deck of cards in the Care.Wallet. These are Care.Cards (dApps) that anyone can use, even dear ol’ grandma! Everyone has a role, every role has a purpose, every purpose has a Care.Card.

Since Definitize is being built on Care.Platform, the DAO and its functions can be easily enhanced and improved by the community. It is fully transparent, auditable, and compliant.


Citizen Home.Card created by our Authoring Pod


How will Definitize ensure compliance?

DAOs are evolving, regulation is evolving, and Definitize must evolve to be compliant and stay compliant.

Care.Platform provides the infrastructure for high level of governance, risk, and compliance capabilities that the community can leverage to ensure real world operations, transparency, governance, and compliance.

The community has good options and the ability to achieve compliance using Care.Platform, but real work needs to be done to set the groundwork before launch. But don’t worry, our community liaison will be there to help you out along the way!

How is SOLVE utilized?

On the Care.Platform, SOLVE is utilized as Gas, Fees and Payment for ALL transactions. All transactions which happen in Networks built on the Care.Platform utilize SOLVE token.

The default Asset pool token of Definitize is SOLVE. As more Asset Pools are launched, more SOLVE tokens are used. The Definitize Community will vote to decide which other tokens Definitize will have in Asset pools.

Do I need to know how to write code?

Not at all! You will be able to attend a series of workshops and collaborate with others to imagine, define, and test the Cards you create.

You will define how Definitize will work for citizens, how the DAO will be governed, how elections will be held, how experts will be appointed, how the community will evaluate and approve proposals, and how transparency and compliance will be achieved and maintained.

Everything will be designed, defined, tested and implemented on the Care.Platform, so all you have to do is author.

How is Solve.Care involved?

Solve.Care is facilitating and coordinating this initiative in the form of workshops and making its Care.Platform, Care.Wallet and Care.Labs available to the community to launch Definitize. The community will be able to define, visualize and test their ideas in real life.

Why is Solve.Care doing this?

Definitize and Care.Platform are a natural fit. Care.Platform is all about reimagining healthcare and Definitize is all about empowering communities with better healthcare.

Now anyone can author networks to improve clinical care, benefits administration, payment coordination AND even decentralized finance. Advances in Care.Platform enable the solving of complex healthcare problems, which Definitize citizens can utilize in their own networks. 

Get Involved!

How do I participate?

The best way is to learn more about Definitize by registering for our upcoming Awareness and Onboarding Workshops. Our community liaison will help you understand all the requirements to launch and the details of your participation. It is completely free, there is no cost except your time.

Register for our Definitize Awareness and Onboarding Workshops here!

How long will it take to launch?

That all depends on you, the Definitize citizens and community. 

It can be launched in just a few months and then even more improvements can follow based on what the community wants. 

See the proposed Definitize authoring roadmap below:


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