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GTHE: Marketing and Physician Enrollment in India

Marketing activities in India (plus a few other focused countries) have officially started, with marketing efforts currently targeting physicians. Working together with HealthLink Technologies, our GTHE distributor in India, we have already reached out to over 5000 healthcare providers via direct mail, WhatsApp and other channels. However, it must be noted that the enrollment process for physicians is still a lengthy undertaking. And this is in spite of our process for the registration of healthcare providers having been further improved to be more efficient. We are constantly working on these improvements to minimize the time it takes for onboarding.

From early on, we have learnt through our interactions with these physicians, many of them prefer a personal approach, starting from personal communications to learn more about the GTHE value proposition, to requiring assistance in setting up their practice in the provider wallet, appointment calendars, as well as answering any queries they may have while using GTHE. 

While we believe and are convinced wholeheartedly that GTHE is the future of healthcare, with all the benefits that it brings, quite a bit of education is needed, to bring physicians up to speed. This, however, is normal, as with any new technology that is introduced to the market. To give you an idea of what goes on behind the scenes, the following is a sample of the things we do before a physician is ready to set up their practice on GTHE. 

  1. Generating awareness. This is done through advertising, direct outreach, email campaigns, and setting up dedicated social media pages for GTHE targeting physicians.
  2. Education: We are liaising directly with physicians through emails, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other comms channels to answer any questions they may have. Based on these questions, we have been able to update our educational materials to ensure that physicians have all the necessary info they require to make this process more efficient. Furthermore, we are working with regional distributors to localize our communication and materials to address the physicians’ pain points in each country.
  3. Once physicians decide to enroll, we specify the types of documentation needed for verification depending on the region of their practice and licenses are located.
  4. If there are any missing documents or roadblocks in the verification process, we will get in contact to assist them. 
  5. Some verifications may take longer depending on the language of the documentation.
  6. And once verified, physicians are granted access to their GTHE practices.
  7. We find that many physicians need help in setting up their profiles which is part of the personalized assistance we provide for our partners.

“As the GTHE distributor in India, the HLTECH team is excited about the progress that has been made so far on GTHE from the time it was launched to now. We have started an outreach campaign targeting Indian physicians and my team is working very closely with the Solve.Care team to reach out to more doctors so that they can take advantage of all the benefits GTHE offers.” 

“As a GTHE ambassador myself, I have been able to witness, and been involved first-hand, the improvement in the different processes taking place for India. I look forward to GTHE being a success, as all my colleagues and fellow physicians with whom I have shared the concept of GTHE, have indicated great excitement for its potential and how it can help them and their patients.” – Dr. Baghwant Singh Ratta, Pediatric Surgeon and Director of HealthLink Technologies.

We have learned a lot through our enrollment interactions so far, and are using that information to constantly improve our enrollment process, as well as marketing paraphernalia.

To summarize, we want to remind you that Solve.Care is the first ever company that has launched a blockchain-based global telemedicine network which utilizes digital currency for payments and that launched the first global provider verification. And we are very proud of that fact! But we are not resting on our laurels. We keep going, step by step, closer to our goal of decentralizing and improving healthcare globally. It is a long journey and full of hurdles, when you are a maverick of the industry. When you are changing the accepted traditional system, especially in such a conservative industry as healthcare.

Buckle up! ☺

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