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How Telehealth Supports Andrology

Andrology is a specialty of medicine that focuses on urological problems men face and on the male reproductive system. In relation to other medical specialties, it has only recently been deemed a specialty of its own having only been considered an area of study since the late 1960s. Because of this, most andrologists are also specialized in urology or endocrinology. Andrologists deal with an array of issues including infertility, testicular torsion, prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, varicocele, hydrocele, balanitis, and cancer. The types of cancer that andrologists are involved with are prostate cancer, penile cancer, and testicular cancer. 

Andrologists have to be familiar with various treatments and procedures. Some of these procedures includes surgical treatments such as vasectomies, prostatectomies, and circumcisions, among others. As mentioned earlier, infertility is a common issue that andrologists help with. Many factors can have an effect on male fertility from testicular damage to issues that produce low sperm count or low motility. Andrologists are able to diagnose infertility by purely examining a patient’s medical history approximately 70% of the time.

Telehealth can be a good aide for andrologists to help their patients through many different issues. In the case of infertility or family planning, andrologists are able to digitally examine a patient’s medical history and easily provide advice or treatment plans. Some telehealth solutions also allow for physicians to digitally prescribe medications that they can collect from pharmacies. Andrologists can provide better continuity of care to patients post-surgery or going through cancer treatments. It also allows them to provide advice based on the day-to-day changes in the patient, allowing the patient to recuperate in a more comfortable setting than a hospital room. 

Global Telehealth Exchange (GTHE) is a state-of-the-art telehealth solution that encompasses many aspects of the healthcare journey. It is HIPAA-compliant, secure, and provides worldwide access to healthcare. With access to healthcare professionals globally, and the ability to securely share information, patients using GTHE will have no problems in getting the help they need from anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, healthcare providers have greater access to other specialties for referrals if the need arises. And, as many specialties require better or quicker communication channels, having easy access to full medical records with the permission of the patient, can help healthcare providers to diagnose and advise treatment options more efficiently. General practitioners and specialists using GTHE can easily make referrals or share documentation when needed.

GTHE offers many benefits to healthcare providers including: 

With GTHE, healthcare providers can connect with their patients seamlessly and provide a better remote standard of care. If you want to expand your medical practice without investing in expensive software, visit the GTHE website and sign up now.

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