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How Telehealth Supports Dermatology

While telehealth can’t always replace an in-person dermatology visit, it can help when an office visit isn’t possible. The pandemic has made treatments a challenge due to the inability to see patients in a clinic or office. Fortunately, telehealth has been making its way into the industry for years now.

There are only approximately 650 dermatologists in the UK. However, back in 2011, the British Association of Dermatology published a supplement focusing on ‘teledermatology’, as part of the Quality Standards for Dermatology. And with nearly 10,000 dermatologists in the US alone, it’s worth looking at telehealth as a preferred way of delivering treatments in the future.

Adjusting capabilities for different specialist healthcare providers has become a focus for many telehealth innovations this year. Telehealth can be an effective tool for dermatologists and other skin professionals to assess visible skin, hair, and nail conditions, including:

  • Rashes
  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Suspicious spots or moles

Armed with this information, care plans can be created as well as prescribing any medication that will be needed. Referrals can also be actioned in most telehealth platforms along with reduced costs for both the patient and provider. But many platforms still have their limitations. Many can’t offer cross-border care or provide high-level data security. And some require subscription fees or long-term commitments.

There is one company that has gone above and beyond to ensure the best possible experience with greater access to care worldwide. Solve.Care’s Global Telehealth Exchange is a patient-centric platform that addresses all issues that affect providers and their patients. GTHE can offer many benefits such as:

If you’re interested in creating a harmonious healthcare treatment practice that supports both the provider and their patients, join GTHE today.

To register and put the joy back into practicing medicine, visit GTHE and sign up for your personal GTHE ID.

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