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Intriguing and Effective Ways to Utilize Telehealth During the Pandemic

Telehealth provides a whole new scope for engagement in healthcare when it comes to communication and practice. Remote healthcare is a convenient godsend, especially during the pandemic where many countries around the world have established various travel regulations, quarantines, and social-distancing policies. There is also no doubt that at the moment, with the large influx in patients and high risk of infection that there may be a strong burden on the healthcare workforce, especially since they may also be infected while conducting their duties.

Even healthcare professionals need to quarantine when it is called for. This effectively pulls them out of service and work for a period of time that may be up to 2 weeks even if they are asymptomatic for the benefit of others. The doctors and healthcare professionals who would otherwise be stuck at home or who have recovered are able to continue practicing through telehealth. This can possibly benefit hospitals and patients because it allows for a greater and more stable potential workforce to be available. It can benefit doctors in other ways too as some may choose to practice remotely during their quarantine just for an extra revenue stream.

Telehealth can allow for a way to also balance out the geographical workload. The majority of doctors, specialist, and other healthcare professionals are often centered around larger cities, leaving rural areas rather ill-equipped to deal with the quick spread of a pandemic and the effects it has on healthcare. Ideally, telehealth can be used to provide quality non-emergency healthcare no matter where you are or what time it is.

As hospitals and wards are loaded up with Covid-19 patients who can spread the disease, it causes uncertainty and sometimes it even may be ill advised for geriatric and other high-risk patients to visit the hospital. With telehealth, these patients can check in with their regular physicians from the safety of their own home. The pandemic is causing lots of change and things are proceeding quickly in many aspects of healthcare, especially telehealth.

Global Telehealth Exchange (GTHE) is a state-of-the-art telehealth solution that encompasses many aspects of the healthcare journey and can be possibly used as the network to conduct consultations from stationary telehealth stations. It is HIPAA-compliant, secure, and provides worldwide access to healthcare. With access to healthcare professionals globally, and the ability to securely share information, patients using GTHE will have no problems in getting the help they need from anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, healthcare providers have greater access to other specialties for referrals if the need arises. And, as many specialties require better or quicker communication channels, having easy access to full medical records with the permission of the patient, can help healthcare providers to diagnose and advise treatment options more efficiently. General practitioners and specialists using GTHE can easily make referrals or share documentation when needed.

GTHE offers many benefits to healthcare providers including:

Instant reimbursement

Top level data security

Cross-border treatments

No additional paperwork, and in most cases eliminates it all together

– Full control over your rates, availability, and schedule

– No monthly or annual subscription fee

– No contract commitments

With GTHE, healthcare providers can connect with their patients seamlessly and provide a better remote standard of care. If you want to expand your medical practice without investing in expensive software, visit the GTHE website and sign up now.

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