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Putting the Pieces Together for Global Adoption

 Our 3-Week Journey to a New World

We have come to the end of our 3-week campaign, and we have arrived! The campaign culminated in our announcement, that for the first time ever, we are giving a special opportunity for our community members to become actual shareholders of Solve.Care.

Leading up to this event, we conducted a 3-week educational campaign so that, as a community, we would be informed of all the latest important developments within Solve.Care. We even dropped a few cryptic hints along the way

We all know that what we are setting out to achieve is massive. Many pieces of the puzzle needed to be put together before we can expect global adoption of our Care.Platform. 

Just like our announcements, we wanted you to have a complete picture before launching our Reg S Offering event. We wanted to make sure each piece of the jigsaw was in place, to make sure you understood that we already have everything in place to prepare for the global adoption of our platform. And why we believe that we are ready to become the biggest company in the world. Only once we had achieved that, could we then invite the community to become part of us, as shareholders of the company.

We broke down our announcements into 7 different categories, with each category represented by a piece of a colored jigsaw puzzle.

Light Purple: Delivery
The formation of the Delivery Team ensures that we can be agile and quick to meet the need of delivering the massive amounts of Care.Networks that are coming.

Red: Partnerships
These are partnerships that add value to our service offerings, such as EarthID and Inha University. With EarthID, it is about adding greater functionality to your self-sovereign ID in Care.Wallet. Our partnership with Inha is about preparing the future generation with the knowledge and skills in delivering Web3 Care.Networks on our platform.

Purple: Corporate
Announcing our roadmap vision was to give you a clear picture of what each layer of our Care.Platform will achieve in redefining healthcare in the future.

Green: Community Outreach
Another important piece of the puzzle is our community. Without our community, Solve.Care would be incomplete. This piece highlights our activities and channels in reaching out to our community. This includes our activities in Discord and the recent launch of Tech.Thoughts.

Yellow: Token
The SOLVE Token plays an integral part on Care.Platform. Every single interaction, transaction, and payment consumes SOLVE. Without SOLVE, our platform would not work. It is the token that powers Care.Platform. This is why we make it as widely and easily available as possible through various trading platforms, as well as directly in Care.Wallet.

Blue: Definitize
With the kicking off of citizen-authored networks, we are ensured that the community is armed with the knowledge of creating their own Care.Networks. Fully governed by the community, this next-generation DAO is poised to add to a significant number of Care.Networks on our platform.

In conclusion, now that you have been informed of our latest developments, and what steps we have taken to prepare for the massive adoption that is coming, we hope you understand why we are so excited about this coming year. And when the Andreessen Horowitz article came along, it further validated our confidence.

And now, as a community, we have a great opportunity to take this journey together. To reimagine, redefine and disrupt the healthcare industry. It will be a revolution that none has seen before. We are at the tipping point, and we are inviting you to take that step with us as shareholders of Solve.Care.

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