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Real Decentralization is No Longer a Dream

The dream of effective decentralization and user owned web is finally becoming a reality. All of us who believe in the power of decentralization were long constrained by use cases that are inherently starved for data, limited in logic, and poor on resources.

That is no longer the case. Many including Solve.Care are breaking down these barriers via rollups, data interoperability and aggregation layers and decentralized infrastructure including compute and storage. And, Care.Platform is leading the way with networked applications that are data rich and logic rich, and optimized to run on decentralized infrastructure.

Care.Trials is proof of what is now possible in terms of decentralized networks and applications, proof of real-world utility and proof of mass adoption by consumers.

And now we enter a new era

Now more than ever, the interests of community, networks, stakers, validators and users must be aligned. And to achieve that we are proposing new, broader, richer tokenomics for SOLVE (2.0).

We are proposing a significant enhancement to how SOLVE is used by adding mechanisms to reward all parties — sponsors who build networks, users who use networks, validators who operate nodes and DePIN providers who provide the decentralized infrastructure for data and compute and the community that has stood behind all of this. All these actors will play a key role in driving real world adoption and all of them should be properly incentivized by the new SOLVE tokenomics.

Proof of Stake Care.Networks

Every Care.Network on the Care.Platform will be a separate Proof-of-Stake network and network sponsor must stake (or incentivize others to stake) sufficient SOLVE to secure the network and ensure fair dealings with network users and network services providers. As a PoS network, every Care.Network will need to stake a minimum amount, approved by the community vote. A default value of 1M SOLVE as initial stake is proposed.

Every time a Care.Wallet join a Network (Care.Network), the network will need to increase the stake in the PoS staking pool. This staking pool secures the network and protects the users from bad actors and bad outcomes, exactly what Proof-of-stake is designed for. We propose a variable staking amount per wallet, approved by the community as part of network design. A default value of 100SOLVE per Care.Wallet is proposed.

Care.Wallets accrue value

Every Care.Wallet requires decentralized compute and storage in the form of Care.Node. The network sponsor pays monthly node fees per wallet and gas fees per event. Even wallets that don’t transact will generate revenue in the form of node fees. Wallets that are actively transacting will generate additional gas fees. These fees are proposed to be shared by validators, DePIN providers and community pool.

Community pool drives growth and adoption

We propose to organize a community pool, governed by majority vote to allocate funds for the following purposes.

  1. Liquidity
  2. Networks and Wallets
  3. Marketing and Bountie
  4. Development
  5. Initiatives
  6. Staking Rewards

Steering committee

A Steering Committee will facilitate the proposal and voting process to enable community to participate effectively.

Here is what SOLVE 2.0 looks like

So, what do you think?

Tell us what you think. Hate or love it, we want to hear from you. You have 3 days to get back to us. And feel free to invite anyone else who can help.

Your Solve.Care Team.

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