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Solve.Care 2021 Year-End Round Up

From big things like being the only blockchain industry company to be invited to speak at the recent Metaverse Doctors Alliance Launch at the 2021 APMDEX to launching the first global Telehealth solution built using blockchain, Global Telehealth Exchange, Solve.Care has achieved much in 2021. It is without a doubt that 2021 was an exciting year for us, full of change and many firsts that serve to make us better as a company and move us further on our mission to provide better healthcare for all. 

The Solve.Care platform has seen great growth and innovation this year with the global expansion and bolstering of our development team. One of our goals is to empower individuals to be in control of and be the center of their healthcare journeys. Our latest launch of Care.Labs, which teaches and assists in the authoring of easily customizable Care.Cards and Care.Journeys on the Solve.Care Platform, is progress towards this goal. 

Our community has grown tremendously, and our visibility in both the healthcare and blockchain industry is stronger than ever. We also continue to improve and add new utility and greater access to the SOLVE token as the premier healthcare token with actual use today. Read on to see why and a breakdown of our achievements in 2021.

Solve.Care Foundation

2021 was a year of growth for Solve.Care. The establishment of Solve.Care Korea and the appointment of a new advisor, Dr. Uhn Lee a top neurosurgeon and Artificial Intelligence expert, has cemented our presence in the region. The expansion and strengthening of our development team have allowed to us take leaps in the advancement of the Solve.Care platform. Establishing stronger relations with governments and policymakers will allow us to expand and provide better access to care in more communities, as well as help us to be actively engaged and lead a dialogue in regulatory decisions that could affect our business. We also established our first partnership for integrating our solutions, Global Telehealth Exchange specifically, for at-home medical devices with AliveCor. And much more below.


We know that one single entity will not be able to change healthcare around the world by itself, but what if every individual was empowered to create dApps for their own healthcare journey? So enters Care.labs. Care.Labs was created to allow physicians, developers, and  anyone who is interested to quickly and cost-effectively author their own decentralized healthcare Apps in the Solve.Care platform ecosystem. We say “author”, because that is exactly all you have to do, just insert text and phrases to define your own Care.Cards and Care.Journeys. Whether they would like to create a dApp specifically for diabetes care or for mental health, it is all possible. Read our press release and introduction below to learn more.

Global Telehealth Exchange

The launch of Global Telehealth Exchange (GTHE) was perhaps one of our most anticipated achievements in 2021. As the first global Telehealth solution built using blockchain, it is a big step towards our vision of better access to healthcare for everyone. This year alone, GTHE was made available in 27 countries and cross-border capabilities were enabled for India with 7 countries. New distributorships are also now hard at work generating more influence and onboarding more physicians in India and Latin America.

Team.Care Network

Team.Care Network started out as a rapid response tool to ensure the safety and continuance of business operations for organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, it has grown beyond that premise and is viable as a customizable solution to promote employee engagement and improve organizations through improved employee feedback analytics. In 2021 we have added two new clients to our roster for Team.Care Network. 


Award nominations let us know that we are on the right track! Being nominated, and of course winning awards, will always be an honor for us at Solve.Care and wonderful to share an appreciation for the hard work our teams provide.

  • InnovaTech Awards 2021  –  Team.Care Network has been selected as the winner for “Corporate Wellness Software of the Year”
  • SSON Impact Awards 2020. Nomination: Technology of the Year 2020 – Team.Care was shortlisted for the Technology of the Year 
  • HTN Health Tech Awards 2021 – Care.Wallet was shortlisted for the “Best Healthcare App of the Year”  
  • Global Business Tech Awards – Solve.Care was shortlisted for the “Best Healthcare Company of the Year”

Event And Conference Participation

Throughout 2021, Solve.Care participated in 17 events and conferences around the world with key-note speeches, presentations, and discussions. These appearances are a great boon towards the visibility of Solve.Care and our solutions.

SOLVE Availability 

One of our continued goals is to make SOLVE as accessible as possible no matter where in the world. Availability of SOLVE on more trading platforms and supportive wallets helps us to do just that. As SOLVE is the primary token of all Care Networks built on the Solve.Care platform, access to SOLVE is better access to healthcare. 

These aren’t even all of the things that happened in 2021! Many more wonderful things took place in 2021 including mentions in research papers, numerous articles, new impressive hires that will help us grow stronger, new blog posts, lots of updates, and even more. You can see everything that happened in 2021 and everything that will be happening in our official Solve.Care Announcements Telegram channel or follow us on YouTube for live updates, recordings, and new content! 

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