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Solve.Care and SKALE Network Announces Partnership to give Healthcare on Blockchain a Boost

Solve.Care, the global healthcare platform that is redefining the current healthcare system, announced a working partnership with SKALE Network to roll out and run Care Networks for users worldwide.

SKALE Network was created to help drive the efficiency and usability of blockchain. Anyone building on the Ethereum platform can take their applications and connect it to the SKALE Network and achieve incredible high speeds at a low cost.

The Solve.Care journey began as a response to the current complex, bureaucratic healthcare system. The Solve.Care platform is designed to remove barriers within the healthcare system by running decentralized patient-centric Care Networks, connecting people, and coordinating care, benefits, and payments. Patients and users can access these various Care Networks through a single interface, Solve.Care’s care coordination app, Care.Wallet. It is Solve.Care’s mission to make healthcare work better for ourselves, our loved ones, society, business, and the global economy.

Solve.Care believes that decentralization through the utilization of blockchain is key to improving the healthcare system. That patients should be empowered with the tools and knowledge so that they can make the best possible decisions that are right for their own healthcare journey. By partnering SKALE and utilizing the SKALE Network, Solve.Care will be able to achieve greater levels of efficiency, flexibility and be faster in rolling out and running different Care Networks that serve the patient’s healthcare needs. For end-users, participation in the various Care Networks becomes even more cost efficient as gas fees are no longer dependent on the fluctuating supply and demand of the market.

Jack O’Holleran, CEO of SKALE Network, said, “I am particularly excited about working with Solve.Care, partly because of my past experience in healthcare and well aware of the interoperability issues between healthcare organizations. Using the SKALE network, we will be able to offer the advantages of a public blockchain network needed in healthcare while offering the cost and speed efficiencies of a private blockchain network, with the patient at the core.”
Commenting on the partnership, Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care, said “With blockchain, we are able to balance the need for privacy and rights of the patient, and the necessity for transparency and coordination needed in effective healthcare delivery. But today, we see constraints around costs, transaction speeds, and scalability of the blockchain. By using SKALE Network’s innovative approach, we will be able to address these concerns and help accelerate the global expansion strategies that we have in place to get us closer to realizing our unwavering mission in making healthcare work better for all of us.””

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