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Solve.Care Foundation announces release of Care.Wallet app for healthcare consumers

Revolutionary, relationship-centric approach to healthcare administration.

Solve.Care Foundation announced the release of Care.Wallet, a personal and intelligent application for healthcare coordination and administration.

Care.Wallet application is designed to leverage the power of Solve.Care platform on Blockchain, and connects and coordinates information and actions between consumers, care providers, labs, pharmacies, employers and plan administrators.

Care.Wallet is infinitely expandable by adding purpose-built Care.Cards that give the wallet holder incredible power and ease of usage for administrative, clinical and financial tasks.

Solve.Care Foundation was established with the goal to redefine care coordination, improve access to care, empower the consumer with information and ability, reduce benefit administration costs and eliminate fraud and waste, from healthcare and benefit administration around the world. Solve.Care platform empowers the consumer, reduces administrative burden on care provider, reduces inefficiency, eliminates duplication of process and systems, and eliminates fraud, waste and abuse. Solve.Care is using a number of cutting edge technologies to build the platform — Blockchain, smart contracts, behavioral analytics, machine learning, data management, information security, service integration and cloud computing.

Originally posted on Medium.

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