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Solve.Care Foundation on the Healthcare: Unblocked event in London

On October 13, Healthcare: Unblocked will take place in London. It is Europe’s first public event fully dedicated to explaining, understanding and pursuing the potential of Blockchain technology to deliver healthcare innovation.

This unique conference will include a user-friendly introduction, designed to brief newcomers on what Blockchain technology is all about and why it is set to transform healthcare. This will be followed by a deeper look into specific areas where Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technology is creating waves of innovation — from improving the quality and integrity of medical data, reducing the threat of counterfeit medicines, through to speeding up healthcare insurance claims, and transforming the possibilities of wearables to enhance wellness.

Solve.Care is a contributor sponsor of the event. Our CEO, Pradeep Goel will speak about how Solve.Care platform will redefine care coordination, improve access to care, empower the consumer with information and ability, reduce benefit administration costs and eliminate fraud and waste from healthcare and benefits administration around the world.

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Solve.Care Foundation on the Healthcare: Unblocked event in London

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