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Solve.Care Frontliners Program for Care.Trials Global Edition Preview - Terms & Conditions

What is the Solve.Care Frontliners Program?

Solve.Care Frontliners Program is the official name of the Bug Bounty Program launched by Solve.Care for the Community Preview of the Care.Trials Global Edition.

The main goal is to unite the global community around one mission — to make clinical trials easy and available for every human being on the planet.

Terms & Conditions

The Solve.Care Frontliners Program offers you an exciting opportunity to help shape the future of clinical trials! Care.Trials Network transforms how clinical trials operate, opening doors to cutting-edge healthcare technology advancements that could greatly benefit you as an individual patient or healthcare practitioner. With your participation, together we can play an instrumental role in guaranteeing its security and reliability!

Why a Preview?

Care.Trials is more than a project; it represents a monumental leap forward for public networks. By participating in the preview, you are contributing directly to revolutionizing how clinical trials are run — while helping us fine-tune the network so it remains secure and reliable for everyone involved.

Who Can Take Part?

We welcome innovators worldwide* to join in this global collaboration and welcome diverse voices that contribute to strengthening Care.Trials Network.

*Excluding those in countries where Care.Wallet is unavailable.

What Do You Get Out of it?

As a token of our appreciation for your contributions, we have established a reward pool of 4,000 USD in MATIC! Not only could this give you a chance to gain financial rewards but you will have the satisfaction of knowing your efforts have directly impacted the security and reliability of our network for users worldwide.

How Long is the Solve.Care Frontliners Program?

The program starts on December 13, 2023, and will run until Care.Trials is tested and feedback is gathered from 80 countries, during which you can actively engage with the Community Preview of the Care.Trials Global Edition and help us identify potential vulnerabilities.

What Do You Need to Do?

Download and Register Care.Wallet: If you haven’t already, download and register the Care.Wallet. This is your gateway to Care.Trials. Playstore (iOS coming really soon!)

Join the Care.Trials Network: Dive into the network and explore its various features and functionalities. As an added bonus, you will be rewarded with 100 SOLVE when you join Care.Trials Network (limited to the first 1,000 people who have successfully completed, for the first time, the get-started journey in Care.Trials), and a further 25 SOLVE every time your referral link is used by one of your friends to join Care.Trials Network. If you have joined Care.Trials through a referral link, you will also be rewarded with an extra 20 SOLVE! The SOLVE tokens will be available for withdrawal after a period of 6 months to ensure compliance with all regulations.

Hunt for Bugs: If you stumble upon any bugs or vulnerabilities, we encourage you to report them promptly. Use the provided Google Form to report the bug along with relevant proof and a brief description.

Include Your Care.Wallet Address: Make sure to include your Care.Wallet & MATIC wallet address in the bug report. This ensures that we can reward your efforts appropriately.

Types of Bugs That Can be Reported: Any unexpected defect, fault, or flaw in the Care.Trials Network.

Check the Bug Tracker: Curious about the bugs that have already been found? You can track all reported bugs in this dedicated Google Spreadsheet. Transparency is key, and we want you to see the impact of your contributions.

Discuss: Join our new Bug Bounty Telegram group to discuss with other innovators the bugs you found or your ideas to improve the network. CareTrials Community Group.

How Does It Work?

Embracing a worldwide stage demands a global cadre of testers! We are on a mission to get participants from 80 countries to start testing Care.Trials network. The race is on — the first five enthusiasts to register and uncover a bug from each country will secure their spot in this monumental event. The moment we hit participants from 80 countries, the 4,000 USD in MATIC pool will be unlocked, and distributed equally to all qualified participants after the Solve.Care Frontliners Program is concluded. Witness the birth of our inaugural global public Care.Network! With your invaluable assistance, we are poised to guarantee seamless launches for Care.Trials and future Care.Networks in every nook and cranny of our planet. Join us in this groundbreaking venture and be a part of history in the making!

Together, let’s make Care.Trials Network the gold standard for clinical trials. Your expertise and vigilance are invaluable in making this vision a reality. Join us in this exciting journey towards a future where healthcare innovations are secure, reliable, and accessible to all while earning rewards.

Thank you for being a part of the Solve.Care community and for helping us shape the future of healthcare.

Happy bug hunting!

Welcome to the Community Preview of Care.Trials Global Edition!

Solve.Care proudly presents a very special Community preview of Care.Trials, a revolutionary Care.Network that connects every medical researcher with every consumer in the world. A Care.Network that dramatically accelerates clinical trials research, expands human life, to cure chronic diseases, and make money along the way. 🤝

We are giving away $4000 in MATIC to testers. Check out how to join!

Your Solve.Care Team.

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