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Solve.Care in Support of Project HOPE

At the beginning of February 2020 Solve.Care partnered with Huobi to assist Project HOPE in bringing aid to families affected by the coronavirus. Together with the SOLVE Community, over the month we collected 82,981 SOLVE & 2,526 Huobi tokens. This amount paid for over 5 million different pieces of Personal Protective Equipment being produced and shipped to those in need. Recently, Project HOPE reached out to us to offer their thanks for our support and shared with us their report of the work they were able to achieve because of the generous contributions from communities around the world.

Project HOPE is a well renowned global health and humanitarian relief organization founded in 1958 in the United States. With an office in Wuhan, China they were one of the few organizations helping to fight the spread of the virus and involved in providing front-line aid from the start. With the aid of Solve.Care, Huobi, and many other companies around the world they were able to launch aid including:

  1. Creating and implementing COVID-19 preparedness and response curriculums for high-risk countries.
  2. Providing physical aid in the form of providing life saving PPE, medical supplies, and equipment to combat COVID-19.
  3. Project HOPE turned their attention to high-risk areas in the U.S. The organization began to deliver additional PPEs to hard-hit areas and provided surge staffing in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, especially to meet the needs of the Navajo Nation.
  4. Project HOPE expanded their global aid to improve COVID-19 prevention and management in Africa, South America, and South East Asia
  5. Project HOPE responded to the needs of people affected by hurricanes and typhoons in the United States, Central America, the Philippines, and Bangladesh; the port explosion in Beirut, Lebanon; displacement in Armenia caused by the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh; and an earthquake in Indonesia.

An overall look at Project HOPE Global COVID-19 Response:

  • Delivered 14.4 million+ pieces of PPE to 19 countries, including the U.S. This included 1.3 million+ respirator masks (N95, KN95, and FFP2), 10.4 million+ masks, 1.3 million+ gowns, and 1.2 million+ pairs of gloves
  • Trained 93,000+ health care workers and frontline personnel across 52 countries through the Brown/Project HOPE training
  • Reached 3,800+ people with the eLearning curriculum
  • Trained 199 Master Trainers for the Mental Health and Resiliency Training program in the Dominican Republic and Indonesia
  • Supported 150+ countries overall

For more details in the activities of Project HOPE and their 2021 strategy read their full report, “The Greatest Public Health Threat of Our Lives: Project HOPE’s Global COVID-19 Response”.

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