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Solve.Care in Two Words

Architecture behind the Solve.Care platform

Imagine care coordination and administration using a structure that allows any protocol to talk to another one effectively, without having to integrate the back-end systems.

Within this structure, every system will be able to exchange information at the event level and to facilitate direct point-to-point discussions and entity-to-entity relationships without having to build a decentralized system.

So while most startups are trying to fix only one of these three problems, the Solve.Care platform is designed to address all of them at once and give people — pharmacists, developers, physicians and all other professionals related to healthcare — the real power to change, improve and extend the solution.

Solve.Care is technically a platform. Its strength is a Care.Community that will use and improve it worldwide with a speed that is unavailable to any other company.

Originally posted on Medium.

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Solve.Care in Two Words

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