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Solve.Care is a platform for healthcare on blockchain

Administrative and health information technology costs are high in the U.S and around the world. Current health information technology infrastructure is centralized, siloed, not interoperable and unable to deal with the needs of care providers and consumers of health care services. It is estimated that cost of healthcare administration ranges from 7% to over 30% of total healthcare spending, as a direct result of inefficient processes, system silos and duplication of effort and technology.

Solve.Care is designing a decentralized approach to healthcare that addresses many of the problems associated with health care administration and care coordination. We are seeking to improve care outcomes through effective coordination and eliminate much of the cost of duplication, inefficiency, waste, abuse and fraud from the system.


Solve.Care is a blockchain platform for decentralized and distributed administration of healthcare and benefits programs. The platform addresses the core need of coordinating all parties and communicating all relevant events and circumstances by using a decentralized approach that delivers all relevant information and conditions to the right party exactly when needed.

The platform consists of Care.Wallet, Care.Protocol, Care.Coin and Care.Card that offer a highly innovative approach to administering benefits and keeping all parties in sync without the need for a centralized record keeper.

Solve.Care platform components

End user application that is very easy to use. Care.Wallet houses Care.Cards and Care.Coins, and puts the consumer in full control over their information and actions. Care.Wallet can automatically sync with other wallets, resulting in real time coordination across all stakeholders.

Purpose built edge applications that can be linked, stacked and synchronized, to deliver unprecedented capability and ease of usage to all stakeholders.

Intelligent healthcare payment token that brings accountability, transparency, proof of service/authorization and immutability to healthcare and benefits transactions.

Connects and synchronizes entities, wallets, cards and coins across systems and geographies, to revolutionize how care is coordinated and processes are linked and automated.

A uniquely powerful way to manage data within the platform and with external systems using entity relationships and event synchronization.

Solve.Care Platform redefines care, cost and convenience for everyone


What is Solve.Care Foundation?

Solve.Care Foundation was established with the mission to decentralize and redefine administration of healthcare and other benefit programs, globally.

We are working to improve care outcomes through effective coordination and eliminate much of the cost of duplication, inefficiency, waste, abuse and fraud from the system.

By combining our deep domain expertise in health and human services, benefit administration and care coordination; with latest advances in distributed ledger and distributed computing technology, we are able to design, build and launch a platform that will redefine healthcare for individuals, employers, providers, administrators, insurers and government agencies around the world.

Our mission

Make healthcare and benefit programs work better for ourselves, parents, children, society and economy

“It is time to revolutionize the biggest part of US economy by employing a new approach. It is time to replace archaic systems and administrative processes with an intelligent, decentralized platform that is efficient, effective, affordable and can be configured by clients and community to support every care delivery and benefit model.” Pradeep Goel, CEO

Our leadership

Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care, is passionately committed to replacing the current model with one that serves us much better. He is applying his decades of experience with healthcare, benefits, insurance and government systems to make it happen.
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