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Solve.Care & LiveMetric: Taking Remote Patient Monitoring to the Next Level

Solve.Care and LiveMetric are teaming up to integrate LiveMetric’s device onto the Care.Platform! LiveMetric is the creator of the LiveOne wrist-band, the first continuous, noninvasive, wrist-worn blood pressure monitor. This is yet another integration added for the Care.Platform that will bring healthcare to a new space with better remote patient monitoring. 

LiveMetric is an amazing company that recently received FDA clearance for using nano-sensor technology to monitor blood pressure with accuracy highly correlated to the arterial line. Like us, they aim to give peace of mind to users with better and more convenient healthcare options. Together, we are strengthening our value offering to the market. By leveraging blockchain technology we are giving additional comfort to both our users that their data is safe and secure on the Care.Platform. In addition, users can seamlessly share their continuous blood pressure readings with healthcare providers and members of their Care.Circle in real-time.

So how are we and LiveMetric doing it?

Blood-pressure cuffs are notoriously uncomfortable to use on a regular basis. Often, patients will receive them to use for manually monitoring their blood pressure, use them for a few days and start to forget or not want to continue the process anymore. LiveMetric has made the monitoring process as convenient as possible. The LiveOne band is a wrist-worn, cuff-free blood pressure monitor that provides real time measurements to improve the care and treatment of people with hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Care.Platform is a decentralized blockchain platform where interoperable Web3 healthcare networks are created and deployed, creating an entire healthcare ecosystem.  

The integration will allow users of the LiveOne device to store their healthcare data in decentralized nodes secured by the blockchain, ensuring its security while retaining full ownership and control. They can provide consent to share that data with physicians that can help with the early diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. 

What’s next?

These options aren’t only restricted to the LiveOne band but all current and future device integrations with Care.Platform. Solve.Care is providing an entire ecosystem where your data doesn’t just sit in your device but makes it immediately usable in meaningful ways, with blockchain technology to ensure that it’s secure too. Instead of an unsustainable amount of apps to keep track of, and managing external data transfers, imagine if all your healthcare needs were in one place, with the Care.Wallet being all you need to handle it all.

With Care.Platform, the possibilities in your healthcare journey are limitless.

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