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Solve.Care Senior Policy Advisor Dr. David Randall is going to participate at IHE North American Plug-a-thon 2018

IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) has been a leading contributor for health IT product validation and interoperability. Meet David at the Blockchain-Healthcare Plug-a-thon track on January 17–18, 2018.

The Blockchain Plug-a-thon, is a perfect way to explore and learn more about the new emerging connectivity solution that serves as the technological underpinning of the blockchain phenomenon that creates continuous streams of healthcare information across the medical ecosystem.

You have a unique opportunity to meet David Randall at the panels during the event:

Jan 17, 2018 — Panel discussion

Jan 18, 2018–45 min speech, Keynote

During the panels Dr. Randall will discuss how Blockchain technology applications have the potential to transform our current use of health information technology and the associated hardware and software infrastructure:

“Blockchain technology and the associated cryptocurrencies have the ability to transform industries including healthcare. Decentralized and programmable nature of blockchain applications can be used to change health information technology to gain greater efficiency in public and private healthcare systems. Current public health information technology systems such as eligibility, enrollment and electronic health records have documented issues with interoperability and are slow to adapt to changing program and technology demands. A decentralized benefits administration system can provide greater efficiency to enrollment, eligibility, claims payment and adjudication processes thus driving efficiency and reducing systemic fraud.

Solve.Care stated and published mission statement is to make healthcare and benefit programs work better for everyone, for ourselves, parents, children, society and our economy. Solve.Care platform can perform the tasks of current processing and management systems at 3% of total spend through the use of Care Administration Networks thus reducing processing and management of systems and the potential to reduce overall spend.”

Originally posted on Medium.

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