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Solve.Care Superheroes Sticker Pack for Telegram

Solve.Care Telegram sticker pack demonstrates one friendly team of the strongest heroes ready to help people from all over the world.

At Solve.Care we firmly believe that nothing is impossible and that all goals can be reached if you have a mission and work hard with your supporters to achieve it.

Our mission is to make healthcare accessible and easy to use for everyone. Solve.Care Superheroes help us fight the obstacles on the road to our goal day by day.

Solve.Care Presents:

Solve.Care Superheroes

Solve.Care Superheroes is a league of eight fearless characters, who fought hard with the world’s injustice and united together towards their main goal — change healthcare system around the world.

The action and suspense of this story is not a summer blockbuster material, but it is the battle needed for every person on the planet who suffers from healthcare administration inefficiency, who wants to make it easier to access healthcare for us, our children, parents, friends and colleagues.

Meet our heroes




Founder of Solve.Care Superheroes, Solve.Man never ceases to fight for global healthcare disruption. Coming from the planet Solve.Care, he knows like no one else how the ideal healthcare system should work.

While witnessing the inefficiencies of care delivery among earthlings, Solve.Man started the league of Solve.Care Superheroes, which was joined by his friends and companions. All villains of the industry are afraid of him. With the help of the innovation, Solve.Man will restore the perfect healthcare administration model on Earth, just like on his home planet.




As a healthcare provider in the past, Care.Woman witnessed the daunting process of ineffective coordination daily. She saw patients, doctors, insurers and care providers suffer from administrative burdens.

Care.Woman has joined the league of Solve.Care Superheroes to help providers deliver better care outcomes so they will have more time available for the actual care delivery.

Dr. Chain:


Behind the mask of a mad scientist stands a genius who has spent all his life inventing the cure for the main disease affecting global healthcare — lack of transparency and synchronization between system’s participants. The solution has been found recently. People called it Blockchain to perpetuate the name of Dr. Chain.

Blockchain accelerates the healthcare payment cycle, saves time for doctors and patients, and brings transparency to the system. Dr. Chain has joined Solve.Care Superheroes to spread the word about the use of Blockchain in healthcare that is supported by the system’s little helpers that flew all the way from the planet Solve.Care, SOLVE tоkеn and Care.Coin.

Chief Clarence:


“Transparency in payments for everyone” — is the motto that drives Chief Clarence to ensure that every transaction inside healthcare system is visible and understandable for every party involved. He knows for a fact that billions of dollars are spent on health administration each year. Money is lost to inefficiency, overutilization, fraud and waste!

Chief Clarence builds the system that will finally eliminate uncontrollable spending.

Captain Solve:


Captain Solve is always on guard to protect your privacy. He knows how to secure the information that is being passed during all health events that occur.

With Captain Solve, you can be sure that no one will know about your panic attack at the dentist’s office. He will secure your private data, only you can provide access to the specialist involved in your treatment.

Jane van der Woman:


A very empathetic and soft-hearted one, Jane van der Woman is the silver lining for all of us. She is always ready to give her care and support to everyone in need.

Jane van der Woman herself is the symbol of the perfect care delivery that is needed for everyone on the planet. She stands at the heart of the simple and transparent healthcare that Solve.Care Superheroes league will achieve.

SOLVE tоkеn:


This little guy, as it seems from the first sight, is the future leading token of the healthcare industry. As Solve.Man’s sidekick, SOLVE tоkеn provides easy access and support to the ecosystem Solve.Care Superheroes are developing for everyone.



He is the solution to the accurate payments issue inside healthcare system. As SOLVE tоkеn’s friend, Care.Coin will establish strong relations between healthcare stakeholders and is the key part in reducing the costs of healthcare administration.

Solve.Care Superheroes phrases

The characters of our sticker pack aren’t completely fictional. Every hero we listed hides inside each of you. That’s why we also gathered these phrases that will represent you as the proud member of Solve.Care community, the wind of change for all of us.


Download Solve.Care Superheroes sticker pack here:

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