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Solve.Care’s AI Campaign

Following the success of the OMRON campaign, we announced last week that we would run another engagement activity in the run-up to our next major reveal. To be honest, we were not 100% if we should run another engagement campaign so soon after completing our OMRON announcement.

But the results from the survey we conducted were very clear. The vast majority thoroughly enjoyed the campaign, and wanted more!  And because you have asked, we immediately went into an overdrive mode to start planning this upcoming announcement campaign.

And so, last week we announced that we were going to run this campaign, and we gave a small hint as to the nature of the announcement. We said that, “Right now, a certain tool is taking the world by storm, using it to help with their everyday tasks, from work, to their studies. And if we were poker players, and because of the strength of our hand we would be going All In on this one! 😉”

And almost immediately, the clue was decrypted, correctly identifying that ‘Artificial Intelligence’ was involved. But what exactly will the announcement be in relation to AI? We know that AI is taking the world by storm now. We also know that the potential for AI is huge, especially in healthcare. The industry is talking about AI as a game-changer for our future.

So, the question is, what exactly do we have up our sleeve that involves AI, and why are we in Solve.Care excited about it?

Over the next few days, we will be running our engagement activities. And judging by how quickly the community solved our clue, we have relooked at our activities, and are coming up with a better set of mechanics to challenge our community better. 😅

We wish you all good luck, and most important of all, to have fun as we build our way up to our announcement on May 31.

It’s gonna be fun, it’s gonna be exciting, and it’s all happening right in our Telegram group. You don’t wanna be anywhere else!

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