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Step-by-step Solve.Care Wallet guide

By clicking “Buy token” button on our Tоkеn sale page you will get to the Sign-up page of the Solve.Care token sale wallet.

Important: Pay attention to domain name. It should be If it looks different, please do not proceed and let us know.

To continue, create an account. In case you already created one, simply log in.

The registration process is quite standard. You need to fill in all the required fields (marked with *) and set a password that is not likely to be guessed. Try coming up with at least 8 characters both upper and lower case, symbols and digits. You will be able to change it any time you want after logging in.


After pressing Create Account button, check your email, there will be a confirmation letter. Please follow the link to perform KYC (Know-Your-Client) procedure, which is a legal requirement.

KYC procedure

First of all, read and confirm that you read the tоkеn sale agreement and privacy policy, and certify that you are not a resident, citizen or entity of USA. Then, enter your date of birth and residential address.



You need to verify your identity by choosing ID type you want to use for verification. It can be UID, Passport, Voter ID, Driver Licence or Other document valid in your country. Then, upload this ID from both front and back sides in pdf or jpg format.



Also, please verify your address or, in case your identity verification document shows your address, mark the checkbox.



In case you represent a legal entity, please fill in the following section and upload appropriate documentation. If this section is not applicable to you, proceed and press the Submit button.



After submitting the KYC form, you will see the following message. Please, give our specialists time to review information and send you email with instructions on how to proceed.


During the first Log In, you have to provide your phone number. It is required for the 2 factor authentication, and also in case you need to recover your account in the future.

To complete this step, choose your country code and fill in the rest of digits. A confirmation number will be sent to you shortly.

In case you haven’t received a code, request SMS again. In such a case, you may get two messages at once. Use the code you received in the last message.

Done! Now you have a CAN tоkеn wallet.

The first page you get to after logging in is the Dashboard page. Here you can find all the information about our Early Adopter Sale.


Now, let’s see what else is there on the menu except for the dashboard.

In Transaction history, you can see the list of the transactions you’ve made along with their statuses. Note that transactions can be pending in case you haven’t completed the payment or had problems with connect


The next menu section is the Account address. There is your wallet address that should only be used for CAN tоkеns.


Do not use this wallet to send any cryptocurrencies there. If you did, please contact the support.

There is also an option of backing up your wallet. The wallet is stored as the encrypted container protected by your password. The system will send this container to you together with the instruction for its decryption. The backup allows you access all the assets even in case your wallet is not available. Note that if you reset your password or recover your account, the container will also be changed. Please remember to request a backup after each password change. After you press the Backup Wallet button, the instructions will be sent to you by email.

How to actually buy CAN tоkеns

Now, when you know how your wallet looks, so it’s time to see how it works.


To buy 100K CAN tоkеns for BTC, choose BTC as your currency.

The calculation is automatic. “YOU WILL GET” section shows the exact number of CAN tоkеns that you’re going to obtain as a result of a successful transaction.

When ready, press “buy” button.

The next page you see provides you with the address where you should send BTC to finalize the transaction.

Make sure to never send the wrong currency to the corresponding address, otherwise, your transaction will be lost.

The payment details will be sent to you by email. The invoice expires in 24h and there is a countdown to let you know about the time left. At this point, the transaction will be shown on the Transaction history page with Pending status. If the order expired, please create the new one.

After your payment will be transferred, the status of the transaction will change to Completed, and the amount of CAN tоkеns you bought will appear at the top left corner of your wallet.

That’s it, now you are ready to purchase CAN tоkеns! Please feel free to contact us for any clarification at [email protected]

Step-by-step Solve.Care Wallet guide

By clicking “Buy token” button on our Tоkеn sale page you will get to the Sign-up page of the Solve.Care tоkеn sale wallet. Important: Pay attention to the domain name. It should be If it looks different, please do not proceed and let us know.

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