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Tech.Thoughts: Introducing A Brand-New Series

The development team at Solve.Care are all experts in their field who aren’t afraid to try new things, leading us to the advancements we have in Care.Platform today. So, we had a thought. Wouldn’t it be great to hear from those at the forefront of our developments themselves about their views, concerns, and the innovations that surround them? Well, we certainly think it would!

Introducing Tech.Thoughts

This is where Tech.Thoughts comes in. Tech.Thoughts is our newest blog series focused on Web3, blockchain, and more tech developments in healthcare that will be available and published for readers every other week. Our leaders of Solve.Care development will be putting pen to paper (or rather fingers on keyboards) to teach both you and me about cutting edge developments of blockchain in healthcare, their views, the problems they face, and the possibilities abound. 

Real life application of blockchain in large industries, particularly healthcare, has been a very recent development that many are just beginning to explore. What does it mean for business? What does it mean for consumers? What does it mean for the everyday person? What does that mean for Grandma? What does it mean for the future? These are just a few of the questions many of us have. We have brilliant minds in our development team, so let’s take advantage by hearing from them directly!

We’re all still learning, so why not learn together! Our new Tech.Thoughts series also looks to explore the changes happening in a new Web3 enabled world and the implications it has. We’ll be talking about everything including healthcare data, how it could streamline the healthcare journey, and how Solve.Care is making better healthcare a reality through blockchain. 

Meet Our Contributors!

In this series you will hear from our Chief Technology Officer James Norman, Chief Solution Architect Raj Kushawaha, and other guest contributors on many topics involving blockchain in healthcare. 

“Healthcare has always been a proving ground for new technologies, and blockchain is no exception. After 20 years in healthcare technology, these are some of the most exciting times. There is so much to talk about when it comes to blockchain and new technological developments in healthcare. How to implement it? What implications does it have for the industry and for patients? How can Solve.Care use it to make things easier for the everyday person? And so much more. There is so much to learn and I am excited to help educate anyone who is interested.” – James Norman, CTO Solve.Care

“There are so many great things we are working on. So many interesting challenges and ways to overcome them. It’s great to be able to share with our community and readers how we tackle these issues in Solve.Care. I look forward to talking about many things in the world of Web3 and all that entails in enterprise grade adoption of it.” – Raj Kushawaha, Chief Solution Architect 

Look forward to our next post in this series coming February 17th!Follow our official Solve.Care Announcements Telegram channel to be notified when it is published immediately.

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