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Telehealth Assisting Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an important step in many patients’ healthcare journey whether it be recovery or preventative. Physicians prescribe physical therapy treatment plans to patients of all ages who can have a variety of symptoms. In the majority of cases, these treatment plans are custom designed for the patients’ needs. Telehealth is a convenient tool for physicians to prescribe or even change physical therapy treatment plans depending on the patient’s condition and surroundings, while ensuring the patient is properly performing the exercises, particularly when teleconsulting with video. 

Physicians can help patients improve their physical therapy sessions in many more ways with telehealth. Many patients that require physical therapy may often have difficulty making their way to in-person appointments. Telehealth can be used to assign the majority of the patients’ sessions to be done from home. Remote visits save time by eliminating waiting rooms and the need for tedious transportation. Telehealth consultations can also help physicians advise their patients on improving their home setting to better suit the needs of their physical therapy. Being able to conduct sessions at home, patients can more easily bring in the help of friends and family for support and assistance if needed. Furthermore, the convenience of at-home visits or check-ups help patients to better maintain and implement their exercise and treatment plans. 

Global Telehealth Exchange (GTHE) is a state-of-the-art telehealth solution that encompasses many aspects of the healthcare journey. It is HIPAA-compliant, secure, and provides worldwide access to healthcare. With access to healthcare professionals globally, and the ability to securely share information, patients using GTHE will have no problems in getting the help they need from anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, healthcare providers have greater access to other specialties for referrals if the need arises. And, as many specialties require better or quicker communication channels, having easy access to full medical records, which in full control of the patient, can help healthcare providers to diagnose and advise treatment options more efficiently. General practitioners and specialists using GTHE can easily make referrals or share documentation when needed.

GTHE offers many benefits to healthcare providers including: 

With GTHE, healthcare providers can connect with their patients seamlessly and provide a better remote standard of care. If you want to expand your medical practice without investing in expensive software, visit the GTHE website and sign up now.

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